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In November, inflation remains at +11.8%, while the basket accelerates to +12.8%. But energy prices are slowing down

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These are the preliminary estimates of ISTAT, which comments: “If the continued fall in wholesale prices for gas and other raw materials continues in the coming months, the inflationary fire that has characterized the current year so far may begin to recede. “

“Prices on Shopping cart they are accelerating” in November, “but only slightly.” And ‘if the continuing descent wholesale gas prices and other raw materials Fire inflation, which has characterized the current year so far, may begin flee“. This is a comment’Istat preliminary estimates of the price trend november. From which still disturbing news for consumers even if the outlook improves compared to previous months thanks to the slowdown in energy prices. In fact, the national consumer price index for the entire community registers another increase11.8% year on year (as in October), a record since 1984, and on a monthly basis, progress stalls at 0.5% (from +3.4 in October). The so-called basket, ie. food, household and personal care products, recorded a “modest acceleration” from +12.6% to +12.8%. On the other hand, prices for frequently bought goods slowed down from +8.9% to +8.8%.

Inflation, Istat notes, remains stable due to opposite tendencies of some aggregates spending: on the one hand, the prices of non-regulated energy goods (from +79.4% to +69.9%), unprocessed food (from +12.9% to +11.3%) and transport-related services ( from +7.2% to +6.8%). ), on the other hand, prices for regulated energy accelerated (from +51.6% to +56.1%), processed food (from +13.3% to +14.4%), other goods (from +4 .6% to +5.0%). %) and recreational, cultural and household services (from +5.2% to +5.5%).

Year-on-year prices for products show a slight slowdown (from +17.6% to +17.5%), while Services (+3.8%). Thus, the negative inflationary differential between the latter and commodity prices declines slightly (from -13.8 in October to -13.7 percentage points). Cyclical growth of the overall index was mainly driven by the prices of regulated energy products (+3%), non-regulated energy products (+2.2%), processed food (+1.5%) and non-durable goods (+0.6%). On the other hand, prices for recreational, cultural and household services (-0.4%) and transport-related services (-0.2%) decreased mainly due to seasonal factors.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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