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TAP: SPAC does not understand how compensation decisions were made in a company in a difficult situation

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The union emphasizes that this is a company that appeals to “all for efforts to reduce costs and increase revenues.”


The union emphasizes that this is a company that appeals to “all for efforts to reduce costs and increase revenues.”


The Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) says it is “unclear how compensation decisions were made at TAP, “in a company in a difficult economic situation,” according to an internal statement Lusa had access to on Tuesday.

The announcement comes in the context of the compensation current Secretary of State Alexandra Reis received from TAP this year prior to her government appointment.

“It is not clear how these compensation decisions were made, in company in a difficult economic situation, intervened with public money”, refers SPAC, pointing to “a sense of the notorious ambivalence, in the form of an exchange between employees of the same company, with a clear benefit to those who have much less years of service in TAP.”

TAP compensation to Alexandra Reis violates the status of public administrator, but there are doubts about the applicable legal framework

The union notes that this is a company “which continues to engage everyone in efforts to reduce costs and increase revenues, and where many employees continue to suffer.” wage cuts and worsening working conditionsand yet where others have been ousted, dismissed by criteria and processes far from human and very obscure.”

Now “the pilots will know how to get the proper consequences from this, continuing to fight, even more demandingly, for fair, decent and proper working conditions to the market in which their professional category is represented, and they will always oppose management options that do not have a logical and economic justification for their interests and the company in which they work, ”the internal communiqué says.

“We await with great expectation and a critical sense the result of the joint appeal” of the Ministers of Finance and Infrastructure and Housing “on this issue”, noting that “SPAK continues, more than ever, to defend the interests of the pilots carefully and tirelessly.”

SPAC recalls that it has become known from the media that “the former member of the TAP board will be compensated” in cost 500 thousand euros “for terminating the contract with the company”, alluding to Alexandra Reis.

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“It should be clear right away that this union will always defend compliance with the agreements signed between employers and their employees, however, what is being questioned is the reasons for such alleged damages and the terms of the contract where will it be based?” he asks.

According to a TAP statement dated February 4 this year, Alexandra Reis “retired as a member and member of the TAP Board of Directors and Executive Committee, having “decided to close this chapter of her professional life and now take on new challenges,” the Syndicate emphasizes.

“However, we will carefully consider the words of the “President of the Republic” said on Christmas Day, which, in our opinion, could be misinformed, as we tend to believe the official information of the companies in which our employees work, as well as statements transmitted to the media in writing by ourselves already targeted on December 26 [segunda-feira]🇧🇷 termination could have happened differently” continues the trade union structure.

Citing that it is “good to know” that Portugal’s aviation sector is “approached with increasing hierarchical importance of the state”, SPAC asks “who is well-informed, who is telling the truth and what are the consequences”. .

This is because there are two scenarios: “either the company wanted to terminate the contract, or the administrator herself asked for the termination of the relationship.”

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Now, “being a TAP-initiated, we understand this only if the company was not satisfied with the work of the respective administrator. If this was on the initiative of a former administrator, could you please discomfort from being in the service of the TAP🇧🇷 And it is in the midst of these two scenarios that it becomes difficult to understand the moment, value and possibility of the compensation supposedly paid to this former employee, as well as what happened next with subsequent appointments, ”he emphasizes.

“If the company was not satisfied with the work of this person, why did you have to pay this compensation🇧🇷 And if it didn’t work for TAP, how can it work for another company under the same ministry? And can he serve to perform even more responsible functions in the government of the republic? If, on the other hand, the dismissal took place at the initiative of the former administrator, then how can this very compensation be justified, ”the trade union asks.

Whether it was “one way or another, it seems clear that it would have been an amicable termination of the contract, which should have contours completely different from those applied to other counterpartsnamely the pilots that we represent, oddly enough, from the side of the same person who is now at stake in this compensation, when he clearly owned the human resources portfolio at that time, ”emphasizes SPAC.

However, “we cannot but congratulate ourselves on removal of the ceiling on the amount of compensationwhich has been applied to many pilots, but which will only fall away after the forced termination of the process by mutual consent, which was inflicted on our professional category, and may even have caused this change in the rules, ”he adds.

Alexandra Reis, current secretary of state at the treasury, told Lusa on Monday that she has never accepted and that she will return “immediately” if she is paid any amount she believes is not in “strict compliance with the law.” ” in her TAP output.

Alexandra Reis guarantees that she will “immediately refund” the amount, which is beyond “strict compliance with the law.”

In a written statement sent to Lusa, Alexandra Reis stated that the termination agreement “as a director of companies in the TAP universe” and the annulment of her “employment contract with TAP SA, requested by TAP, as well as its public communication, it was agreed between the legal groups of both partiestasked with ensuring that best practices are implemented and that all legal requirements are strictly observed.”

“I have never accepted – and I would return it immediately if I had already been paid – any amount for which he was not convinced that he was fixed in strict accordance with the law,” he stressed, ensuring that “this principle also applies to the conditions” of his “termination of functions in the TAR”.

On Monday, the ministers of finance, infrastructure and housing sent an appeal to the TAP administration. “information about the legal framework of the agreement” opinion with the secretary of state, including on compensation paid.

Alexandra Reis, who took over as Secretary of State for the Treasury during the latest government reshuffle, joined TAP in September 2017 and was appointed as an airline administrator three years later.

The current ruler left TAP in February and was appointed by the government to the presidency of Navegação Aérea de Portugal (NAV) in June.

This issue has drawn criticism from various opposition parties.

Source: Observador

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