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Former legal director (and married to finance minister) didn’t receive compensation when she left in March, TAP guarantees

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Stephanie Sa Silva, who until March was TAP’s legal director, received no compensation from the company when she left her duties. The clarification was provided to the observer by an official TAP source in the context of a set of questions about compensation to former managers and directors in the case of Alexandra Reis, the current finance minister, who will receive half a million euros upon leaving the administration of the carrier.

The former legal director of TAP, who was appointed during the private management of the company, is married to Fernando Medina and announced his decision to leave his post at TAP on the same day that her husband took over as finance minister. “For reasons that are public, I have informed the Executive Committee today of the termination of my duties,” he said in a March 2022 LinkedIn post, according to the Observer.

Medina has already suffered losses. The woman ceased to be the legal director of TAP

Stephanie Silva’s name was mentioned on Tuesday by André Ventura when he announced the party’s intention to file a complaint with the General Financial Inspectorate so that the Treasury-controlled organization could investigate Fernando Medina’s appointments to public companies. and the payment of possible damages to senior managers who took the initiative to step down from their functions.

The document submitted by the party mentions this case. “For example, Stephanie Sa da Silva, the wife of the finance minister, will end her duties as legal director of TAP following the appointment of her husband to the government. Now it is important to understand whether she also received identical compensation, because it is clear that her departure was on her initiative, ”the request says.

TAP compensation to Alexandra Reis violates the status of public administrator, but there are doubts about the applicable legal framework

Stephanie Silva was appointed to a legal position during the administrations of David Nieleman and Antonoaldo Silva. And it was one of the names that appeared in the controversy over the awards given to several directors of TAP during this term, in a list that also included the name of Alexandra Reis. Performance bonuses accrued after the year in which the company recorded losses.

TAP. Chega sends a complaint to the General Inspectorate of Finance for the compensation paid

Source: Observador

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