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Pd members are collapsing, from 800,000 in 2008 to 50,000 today. So the map champions were outclassed by everyone, including M5 and FdI.

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This will be due to new rules that require the fee to be paid with Pos, or more likely due to the collapse of the consensus which sees the Democratic Party below 15%, membership has never been so low. So much so that other parties that until the day before yesterday could not even dream of being compared with the registrations of the Democrats have now taken the lead, with a 5-star move of 150,000 and Fratelli d’Italia that records the same. figure, but aims to reach 200,000 members

The Democratic Party has never had this. few subscribers. The impact of new and stricter rules to avoid bundles of membership cards and phantom registrations, as well as a fall in consensus that the party sees on the eve of a vote for a new secretary below 15 percent. So much so that we are currently talking about 50 thousand whose members are 10 thousand online. A hemorrhage if we look at the numbers announced over the years, which have gone from over 800k in 2008 to 370k in 2018. The figures that the newspaper lined up today Seal, keeping in mind that in the last year alone, we have grown from over 300 thousand subscribers in 2021 to 50 thousand in 2022. There are those who guarantee that the congress will bring other cards. In the meantime, in order to broaden one’s horizons, a comparison with other political forces is inevitable, which until the day before yesterday could not even dream of confronting the dem. And now they are all at risk of being ahead. Not just center-right Brothers of Italy forthcoming. But the competition 5 star movement which is inviting 140,000 voting members for tomorrow to speak online for the appointment of a refund for its parliamentarians.

“We are waiting for December 31 to reach a certain number, but we have more than 150,000 subscribers,” he states with satisfaction. John Donzelli, organizational manager of Fratelli d’Italia, together with Georgia Meloni. And he resumes: “By the legislature we would like to overcome 200 thousand subscribers.” A completely different climate in the house Leaguestruggle with the local conventions that are currently underway, where the Northern Committee candidates nominated by them are also fighting Humbert bossy against the identity crisis taking place in the party. But if the party returns to the Po Valley, as evidenced by the larger membership dues collected Lombard League for Salvini’s premiere compared with the national party assembly, the number of members will decrease, and the total may not reach 100,000 registered in recent years. Blame? Some speak of the endless postponement of the congress that did not come, while others speak of the impossibility of nominating a candidate for the secretariat who embodies the new course. Problems causing grievances, migration of votes, members and elected officials, as happened in the last two years in favor of FdI allies, who between 2019 and 2020 tripled the number of enrollments from 44,000 to 130,000, of which more than 50,000 are collected online.

Numbers that until last year would have made Democratic Party activists smile are boosted by a party that has always been at the top of the membership rankings. But I inexorably refuse: give 831 thousand from 2009 to 539,000 in 2013, on the eve of the European Championship, where Pd Matthew Renzi won 40% of the vote, before a slight recovery in 2019 from 412k registered compared to the previous 370k, but immediately fell to 320 thousand in 2021. In a word, in constant losses, but still ahead of the rest. At least until now. Despite an upcoming convention and four contenders for a seat on the secretariat, the Democratic Party has struggled to recruit members, with the 2022 campaign stalled at 50,000, massacre, for now. Managers explain this with new rules against i card packages and phantom subscribers, so much so that some wonder how many there were, if the number of members decreased by more than six times from year to year. To complicate things, they assure, the decision to take only payments from pos. which caused a lot of controversy, as well as the choice move 70% of the membership online, then lowered to 50% for protests. And there may be many who think like the governor of Campania Vincent DeLuca: “I was told that membership in the Democratic Party is paid by credit card, with Pos, with the motivation to avoid card packages. Wouldn’t it be easier to oblige everyone to make a postcard in person? They also tell me 28 euros for membership, but where does this group of unfortunate people live? Management team miserable who have been working for years to create currents and leaks, groups and subgroups, completely indifferent to the work in the territories, to militancy, sacrifice and results. Reason or not, the consensus is now below 15%, and as the old ones explain, enrollment has always followed them closely.

Thus, a confrontation, unthinkable just a few years ago, must also be carried out with the government’s adversary and former ally, the Five Star Movement. It is necessary to distinguish between admission: in other parties it ranges from 10 euros for Lega, Forza Italia and FdI, up to 20 euros for the Democratic Party and up to 50 euros for +Europe. While for the Movement it is free. So how many subscribers? Latest data from the former platform Rousseau they spoke of 188,000 members and 119,000 voting members. The drop of almost 70,000 subscribers was mainly due to inactive people. The current guidance explains that “it was too easy to register and that at that time the number of certificates did not exceed 125,000”. This year’s consultation that confirmed leadership Joseph Conte 59,000 voters out of 130,000 eligible to vote were registered on the new SkyVote platform. A right that arises six months after a registration request and which today defines the difference between 150,000 certified subscribers and 140,000 people who tomorrow, December 28, will be able to choose the destination of the funds raised through the restitution of national representatives. However, there is still time to complete the comparisons. The dem leaders and activists ensure that from today to February the race for the secretariat will attract new members, and we expect to reach the quota. 80 thousand. Even with the most optimistic hopes to return to last year’s levels. Whatever the final figure, the comparison between Schlein, Bonacchini, De Michelis and cup it this will bring as a dowry more than 3 million voters in the primaries they elected Walter Veltroni and Pierluigi Bersani in 2007 and 2009 they now belong to a different era.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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