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Gas prices are still falling (77 euros per megawatt hour), but bill benefits will not appear until 2023.

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New Year’s Eve is expected to be one of the hottest on record for this period, and warehouses across Europe are still full. However, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck believes that final gas prices will only come down at the end of 2023.

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The price of gas in the European market continues to fall. Unusually mild temperatures on the Old Continent and an abundance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies are pushing prices down, with one megawatt-hour now trading in Amsterdam, Europe’s benchmark market, at €77 per megawatt-hour, 3% lower than previously. -war of Ukrainian values. New Year’s Eve is expected to be one of the hottest for this period and European warehouses they store well. The average fill in Europe is 83%, Italy corresponds to this value, Germany is still at 88%. In fact, this winter should be experienced without any problems, except for those that will fall into the pockets of companies and families struggling with bills have increased significantly. If low prices continue for a certain period of time, there will also be incentives in the account, market quotes are transmitted to end consumers with a certain time lag. Indeed, the Italian invoices for December are awaiting up to 20% comparing with the previous year.

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Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habek, believes that gas prices they will only decrease at the end of 2023. “When will prices drop? I hope that by the end of 2023 the situation will already improve, although not yet at the level of 2021. Next year we’ll have to continue watch out for high prices”, he replied to dpa. “Prices have been declining since September, which is surprising since we are in the middle of winter, he added, stressing that the price of gas had fallen from 130 euros per kilowatt-hour before Christmas to less than 100 euros. “In any case, this is clearly overpriced, there is no doubt about it,” he concluded. At the end of August, quotes in Amsterdam reached i 339 euros per MWh.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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