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Spiagge, Federbalneari calls and Gasparri responds: “Forza Italia will introduce an amendment to postpone the races again.”

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The Vice President of the Senate announces his intention to reverse the concession reform initiated by Draghi in the context of competition law, which, among other things, is one of the objectives of the Recovery Plan. Former Minister Garavaglia: “Is there a risk of a repeated violation procedure with the EU? Most of all, we need to see what the Council of State has to say.” The release comes on the same day that Federbalnear raises its voice again, arguing that “the current law is confusing and guarantees neither turnover nor business continuity for travel companies.”

Government melons intends to roll back the reform bathing concession at the initiative of Draghi within the framework of the law on competition which, among other things, is one of the goals of the recovery plan. “In the law on competition, we indicated the dates of 2023-2024, in the belief that by winning the elections, centre-right more time could have been bought,” the Senate vice president said. Maurice Gasparri (FI). “That’s why Forza Italia will require, with an amendment to the decree Thousand ExtensionsFrom save these dates in such a way that the government and the majority have time to properly address the age-old issue of concessions, prompting the EU to take a different stance and find a way to overcomeunfair decision of the State Council“. Which in November 2021 rejected the extension to 2034 was granted four years ago. “Parliament is sovereign,” Lega senator commented Massimo Garavaglia, chairman of the financial committee. “You risk one second violation procedure with the EU? More than anything, we need to see what the Council of State has to say,” said Draghi’s former tourism minister. “The Council of State’s verdict says it will be automatically dismissed, but the case will need to be investigated.”

Last February, the Draghi government unanimously passed a law designed to end extensions unconditional concessions, establishing from 2024 ban on renewal but it took six months for the adoption of delegated decrees with the aim of “reorganizing and simplifying the discipline of maritime, lake and river state concessions.” In September – only with Carroccio’s refusal – cdm then voted for a legislative decree with rules for displaying state concessions in preparation for tenders to be awarded for the beaches. by December 2023, unless there is a dispute or “objective difficulties” and whose winners will have to pay royalty which, finally, “take into account the natural value and effective profitability of the sites.” However, this text has not yet received a final green light from the (new) government after being passed by Parliament. And, according to Gasparri, it’s time to change everything.

Liberation does not come by chance on the day when federbalneari with President Marco Maurelli once again raises his voice, arguing that “the current provision on beach concessions is confusing and does not guarantee either replacement or any continuity business for seaside travel companies. In addition, there is a high risk of an emergency dispute between the public and private sectors, because there is neither time nor path that gives confidence to companies, as well as blocking investments, certainty for many years.” Therefore, “we are convinced that it is an absolute priority today, more than ever, to open up a real and truthful debate on the issue of exclusion of the sector from the Services Directive 2006 between Prime Minister Meloni and the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen to protect the Italian tourism sector”. Hope for 2023? “Let the new government send the old norm as soon as possible to the attic and, therefore, to the plenum of the State Council, which was supposed to support and inspire the reform of the previous government, bypassing Parliament. So let’s start discussions in Parliament on how to fill the new Decree Law on Sector Protection with content, in full compliance with business continuity.” No sooner said than done.

“We are waiting for the government to instruct precise delegations, because it is time to sit down at the table with political forces and representatives of industry associations,” Gasparri begins, recalling that “the category has undergone very serious damage for autumn storms. “The future of the maritime business must be determined once and for all. So let’s not delay with the proxy and approve our amendment to give more time, given that some interlocutors have appeared, such as the EU and the State Council exuberant and they will have to admit that protecting companies is more important than their more than questionable decisions.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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