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Decree Rave, in the House of Representatives, the government trusts a text that allows white-collar workers to leave prison

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The decree restores prison benefits to those who commit crimes against the public administration that were excluded by the Spazzacorrotti del Conte I. A gift to prisoners for corruption, extortion, embezzlement and other crimes against public administration.

With class declaration MPs Minister for Parliamentary Relations Luca Chirianigovernment placed trust on account of n. 705 on the transformation of the decree of October 31, 2022, n. 162, containing urgent measures in the case justice. That’s how they named him Decree against rave which, however, concerns not only the disputed ban on illegal gatherings.

Everything is inside except life sentence reform (approved as a last resort to avoid “sponge” constitutional Court) most, using Italy livewrapped a gift to the prisoners for corruption, shake, embezzlement other crimes against public administration. For them the doors of prison benefits Law on Corrupt Janitorsapproved in 2019 (under the first Conte government) on the initiative of the former Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede. In practice there is no more prison for me White collarsas it was before the introduction of this law.

Early Tuesday morning most, with Caroline Varki Brothers of Italy, he asked the Chamber of Deputies early stop of general discussion reduce the number of opposition speeches. Thus, despite the minority vote against, the deputies approved cut general discussion of the rave law decree. To speak in the House were enlisted 98 deputies, for the majority of the opposition, each of which was given a time limit of 30 minutes. The vote of confidence will begin on Wednesday at 17.25, and at 15.45 the explanation of the vote will be held. Opposition announces stone wall to the bitter end under the decree, which expires on December 30th. For this reason, a new team leader has already been called for tomorrow at 14.30. At this place, in the absence of agreements, the majority could ask sitting riverwho would only break with final vote for the provision.

“Allowing convicted for the most serious crimes against public administration in order to access prison benefits, the government and most are paving the way for large corruption networks which pollute the legal economy and change the market and competition,” said the MP M5S. Carl Julian during the general debate in the Chamber of Deputies. “We are talking about serious crimes such as corruption, bribery and corruption in judicial acts. Thus, he added, you destroy an important part of the Spazzacorrotti law, thanks to which our legislation has made a qualitative leap, adapting our legal system to international standards. One of its first acts, this government approves the law “damaged splash screen“and unfair to honest citizens, healthy businesses, all of Italy,” he concluded. Criticism also from a former magistrate Federico Cafiero De Rajo who, in the Chamber, when discussing a legislative decree, determined the content of the decree “dangerous choice”from”myopic majority“.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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