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Crosetto: “There are those in public administrations who only know how to say no and waste time. They are blocking development, we will use a machete against them”

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There is a managerial class in ministries and in every sector of the bureaucracy that needs profound changes. You can’t think of introducing new and different policies if you keep officials with the old mentality in key positions or serve the ideologies that we represent. alternative,” says the Minister of Defense. Tracking the coordinates of the new government intervention under the deregulation plan announced by Prime Minister Meloni

“It takes courage. Necessity cut with a machete some chains that block development Italy: now it takes 17 years for public work, they should be a maximum of four or five. In an interview with Messenger in which he talks about the nuclear danger from Russia, the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto he also and above all speaks of the inefficiency of the state machine, which he largely blames on the obstacle course of the budget law. And he says, repeating this metaphor, that he wants to “use a machete” also “against those in the state bodies who stand out for their abilities.” say no and spend time“: in ministries and in every sector of the bureaucratic machine there is “a managerial class that needs profound changes. You cannot think of developing new and different policies if you keep the officials who have them in key positions. old mentality or we need ideologies, the alternative to which we present,” he argues. In conclusion: “If not let’s get these people outwe’re hurting the country.”

In short, the founder of the FdI is tracking the coordinates of the new government intervention within the plan. deregulation announced Prime Minister Georgia Meloni in a speech in which she asked for the House’s confidence, promising “do not interfere with those who want to do“. And already partially implemented with modifications purchase code and return prison benefits convicted of crimes against public administration “We won the elections not to harm Italy,” the minister said in an interview. And while acknowledging that “replacing the existing bureaucracy is not easy,” he argues: “Unlike others, we will be able to change because we have not done anything that would allow us to blackmail anyone. we do not have never been in business We didn’t promise him anything. In short, we have no past that would make it difficult for us to intervene: those who want to save Italy from deadly decline will be kept, for the rest you must have courage to change. Dot. I’m sure Georgia Meloni thinks the same as me.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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