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The dog that inspired the Dogecoin cryptocurrency suffers from leukemia and liver disease

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In 2010, Kabosu’s owner took a photo of him that went viral.

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In 2010, Kabosu’s owner took a photo of him that went viral.

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Kabosu, the dog that inspired the Dogecoin cryptocurrency after turning into meme Internet, suffers from leukemia and liver disease. The information was shared on Tuesday by its owner, Atsuko Sato, via her Instagram account, where Kabosu has more than 411,000 followers.

“Kabosu’s diseases are called acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.”, began with what Sato, who lives with a dog in Japan, wrote. “Now the liver values ​​are very bad, there are signs of jaundice. But antibiotics will definitely help,” the owner continues, before clarifying that Kabosu still has an appetite And she manages to drink water.

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Kabosu is a 17-year-old Shiba Inu – on average, representatives of this breed usually live from 12 to 15 years.

In 2013, Sato shared a photo of a cross-legged dog looking sideways at the camera on her blog. The picture was taken in 2010 and ultimately inspired meme Known as “The Doge”. (the English word “cão”, “dog”, intentionally misspelled), usually followed by the words “wow”, “great respect” (or “great respect” in Portuguese) or “so scary” (“very scary”, also in deliberately incorrect English).

same meme stood at the origins of the creation of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. In 2021, they turned Doge into an NFT that was sold for around $4 million – an NFT based on meme most expensive ever.

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Image at the origin of the meme.

According to Kabosu’s owner, the dog became ill on Christmas Eve, lost its appetite and stopped drinking fluids. The condition, according to doctors, is “very dangerous.” Well wishes are piling up on Instagram, and Atsuko Sato has a message for her followers: “To everyone who’s worried, thank you very much.”

Source: Observador

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