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Income from citizenship, the government’s ballet on a fair offer continues. Deputy Secretary Freney: “Stay there, no need for a witch hunt”

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Northern League: “Of course, those who live in Marsala will not be forced to accept a job offer in Pordenone.” A week ago, We Moderates approved an amendment to a maneuver that removes the notion of fairness from a paragraph of the 2019 revenue decree, but does not change another clause that reiterates that requirement. The final vote will take place today, and the error has not been corrected: it looks like an operation to use and consume right-wing voters, with no real desire to see it through.

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Continuation of the ballet Meloni governmentwhich in recent days seems to have changed its mind about dismantling Basic income. Deputy Minister of Economy Federico Freni in an interview with Republic says thatfair offer stay”and” of course, who lives in Marsala will not be forced to accept a job offer Pordenone“. This is after a week ago, on the night of December 20, in budget commission has been approved amendment to the We Moderates maneuver (at the first signature Maurizio Lupi) than embarrassing Cancel the adjective “relevant” from the 2019 income decree clause, but as stressed the same day by a labor lawyer Michael Tiraboschi, does not change the rest of the provision, and in particular the other article (4), which again refers to a fair job offer. The concept also goes back to Jobs Law Matteo Renzi, a reform that Lupi liked very much at the time.

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Consequently? Considering that the final vote on the budget law and thatbug not fixed as Lupi assured instead, the reading seems obvious. This is a use and consume operation right-wing voters, but without a real desire to go to the end. Moreover, the day after the Minister of Labor Elvira Calderone he foresaw the intention of approving a decree in January to “dot the i’s” on the characteristics necessary for a job offer to be considered adequate and thus not be rejected by grant recipients. Today, after the changes launched by the government dragons and further tightening provided for in the approved budget law, the workplace must be located in 80 km from the residence and that the pay is not less than 858 Euro ( 10% more compared to the maximum level perceived by a single RDK) for a full-time figure that goes “re-proportional working hours stipulated in the contract. In addition, not only those who refuse a suitable job offer offered by the employment center are deprived of the allowance, but also those who refuse a direct call from a private employer. With the original version of the maneuver, the government melons then reduced to one a fair offer can be rejected even before renewal.

But now there are other differences: “He who is in terms of income should be reflection On the whole, says a Northern League supporter who was already deputy finance minister in the previous government,distorting effect who had in the labor market (a thesis not supported by any data, ed.), but this doesn’t mean a witch hunt is necessary. The best balance will be the one you avoid. useless and dangerous social discrimination, will minimize the negative consequences. Meanwhile, minus the alleged “able-bodied”, even 100% disabled people are waiting for news. What was the income stripped down from January 2022 with the Draghi government. The new chief executive did not even try to restore the previous figures.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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