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Gasoline and diesel prices, Rome’s prosecutor’s office and the Financial Guard are investigating price increases.

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Sources in the Ministry of Economy and Finance confirm that Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti had already instructed Fiamme Gialle to monitor the situation in December last year: the results of the inspections carried out should be announced next week.

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Financial Guard And prosecutor’s office of rome at work to investigate any speculative phenomena on fuel prices on roads and highways. Sources Ministry of Economy and Finance confirm that the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti already gave a mandate last December to Fiamme Gialle to control Situation: the results of the inspections carried out should be announced next week.

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All this while the Rome prosecutor’s office is already investigating price increases, including i fuel pricesunder file open to any speculation. The investigation is aimed at verifying the causes of the increases and identifying responsibility. The investigation was entrusted to the financial and economic police department of the Financial Guard in Rome. Moreover, the complaint filed codacons in the well 104 powers of attorney which asks to “investigate gasoline and diesel prices to ascertain any speculation about unreasonable trips price lists”. Since the beginning of the year, that is, since the government removed definitely all this excise tax discountfuel prices continue to rise. And after gasoline reported in recent days on top 2 euro at some stations today it is diesel, which is photographed by Codacons consumers towards i. 2.5 euros per liter on the highway. And there are “anomalous” peaks in Aeolian or in Sardinia where petrol is more expensive. Exorbitant prices in highway: in serviced mode, the green light reaches the value 2.392 euros per liter on A1 Rome-Milan, and diesel costs about 2.5 euros per liter (2.479 euros).

“About excises we’ll talk to the prime minister. Surely there are some assumption goes for gasoline, and it’s good that the Ministry of Finance is conducting checks,” the Minister of Infrastructure said. Matthew Salvini talking to reporters in the Prefecture of Como on the sidelines of a meeting with the mayors of Lake. “There can be no distributors who sell gasoline at 1.70 and others at 2.40,” he added. he is smart. I will bring the argument to the level of the government.” On fuel prices “In recent weeks, I have already asked Mr. Price (Price Supervision Guarantor, ed.) continuous monitoring in collaboration with the Guardia di Finanza in order to create a more effective control model and immediately detect any anomalies and any attempts at speculation “: declares the Minister of Enterprise and Production of Italy. Adolfo Urso. “Next week,” Urso continues, “I will be gathering consumer associations to discuss the most appropriate tools.”

In the meantime, satisfaction comes from consumer protection organizations. Absolute Users however, he believes that this measure is not enough to prevent a new economic crisis in our country. “We ask the prime minister melons call immediately emergency table for fuel,” says the President Furio Truzzi: “Simply monitoring the price list situation at the gas station is not enough to contain price increases or avoid gas station price speculation that hurts consumers twice, increases the cost of supplies and leads to price cascades across all sectors.” codacons also launched a new legal offensive that calls into questionantitrust petition for the initiation of an investigation into the possible anticompetitive agreement. “We want to understand if there are cartels, agreements or other illegal strategies in the fuel supply chain aimed at unreasonably raising the price of gasoline and diesel at a gas station,” explains Codacons. — Minus the increase in excise taxes by decision of the government. which did not extend the 18.3 cents discount, the price increase recorded in recent days at distributors throughout Italy does not seem to be in line with the trend in oil prices.” Codacons, which also decided to launch national boycott from the most valuable distributors”inviting Italian motorists to check prices in their territory, including through special applications that indicate the most convenient operators, rather than fill up at pumps that charge inflated prices.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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