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Calderoli: “De Luca and Giani support the autonomy reform, they are enlightened.” And liquidate the protest of the mayors: “A small percentage”

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“I consider the president of the region of Tuscany Jani governor litbecause by supporting my differentiated autonomy reform he is trying to serve the interests of his region. Other Member Pd who turned out to be enlightened, is the president of the Campania region DeLuca, with which the confrontation was initially fierce. But then he completely changed his position, in contrast to others who turn it into a congressional battle such as Stefano Bonacchini“. These are the words spoken into the microphones of the broadcast Sunday coffee (Radio24) Minister for Regional Affairs, Robert Calderoliabout his reformdifferentiated autonomy.

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Calderoli accuses the president of the Emilia-Romagna region of inconsistency, who just yesterday, on the sidelines of the meeting in Lecce, rejected the text of the Northern League politician: “I remember thatand 23 subjects transferred only to regional jurisdiction, I did not choose them, but the Democratic Party. In 2018 (4 days before the elections on March 4, ed.) were signed preliminary understanding between Government of Gentiloni and Presidents of the Regions of Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna“.
Minister Carroccio is embarrassing Elisabetta Gualminiwho in 2018 was vice president of the Emilia-Romagna region, with Ellie Schleinwho instead held the same position in 2020. And he adds yet another scathing to Bonacchini: “In those 23 subjects chosen by the Democratic Party, there were exactly those that are contested by the same party today, namely education and health care. Need to be consistent in time, regardless of the events of Congress“.

He then emphasizes: “I see only one thing in those who challenge my reform of differentiated autonomy. ideological fear. On the other hand, those one hundred and one mayors who disagree with the text and wrote Mattarella this is a very low percentage compared to the 8,000 mayors we have in Italy. I never intended to divide the country: if the regions of the North and the South grow, the whole country grows. Otherwise, the North will be additionally fined.. The constitution tells me what and what I respect. Among other things, he raises, constitutional reform Title V was desired and approved by a narrow majority to the right of Pd, which today is one of those parties that are calling for a split between North and South. If there is even one article, paragraph or line that calls into question the unity of the country and may contribute to unequal systems, I am ready to change it. Until today, no one has pointed me to an article, a paragraph, or a line.”

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The answer Calderoli gives to the host is irritating. Mary Latella when a journalist declares that the authorities will support the candidate Third Pole, Letizia Morattisee you next time regional elections in Lombardy: “But who told you that Bossi and the Nordic Committee will support Moratti in the regional elections in Lombardy? Was it Bossy or another member of the committee? It’s completely baseless. I am convinced that there will be no support from the Northern Committee for Letizia Moratti and, presumably, the whole committee will openly support Attilio Fontana. In fact, there is no political game of the Northern Committee to make Fontana lose. I also think that the Northern Committee will not present its list at all, but will vote with conviction for Lega and Fontana.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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