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Immigration, mayors against the government: “We act as substitutes, but the competence belongs to the state”

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Anci President Antonio Decaro and Matteo Biffoni, Anci Immigration Delegate, comment on the new management of immigration by the Meloni government.

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“We look forward to sharing with the government overall plan on take controlto avoid a new meeting, as happened to me in Bari, depend on the prefect’s phone callto then take action as we have always done.” the presidentAnchi, Antonio Decarothus commenting on the new management of immigration by Meloni government. “For us mayors,” adds the Mayor of Bari, “hospitality, especially for fragile people, is an indispensable value, and for this we make ourselves available.”

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“I don’t know if there were many cities ruled by the centre-left continues de Caro, “depends on the fact that the centre-left governs most of the cities, including those borderingAdriatic. What I know for sure is that municipalities should more support and above all to move within confidence“. The link refers to the latest ports assigned NGO ships for the disembarkation of migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea. As expected from new decreeor, in fact, after providing first aid, NGO ships should immediately requestsecure port assignment to the Italian authorities and block any new rescue operations. And, as has become customary in recent weeks, ports are selected that are very remote from the area where NGOs operate. This is the case ocean viking and from Geo Barentsboth are forced to reach the port Ancona at a distance of “1575 km” from the combat area “and”up to 4 days of navigation”, causing controversy about Sos Mediterranean And Doctors Without Borders. By the way, the Italian authorities also have refusal to transfer on an ocean viking of 73 migrants rescued by Geo Barents. “Simultaneous dispatch of two search and rescue vessels to a distant port,” he said. msf – shows the intention of the authorities to reduce the time spent in the area of ​​the sar, ready to respond to further distress signals.

Meanwhile Keep them in mind rejects reconstructions and accusations that NGO ships come voluntarily hijacked in centre-left cities. “There is absolutely no political choice on the part of the government. Ports, as well as the receiving system on South I AM collapse”, says the Deputy Minister of the Interior and the representative of the Brothers of Italy, Wanda Ferro. However, there are other criticisms of the executive branch on the part of the mayors. “We act as substitutes what is a flood state jurisdiction not municipalities,” the mayor of Prato replies. Matthew Biffoni (Pd), Anchi’s immigration representative. “We intervene so as not to create difficulties, but the competence lies with the state, we make our contribution,” Biffoni adds. The mayor of Prato points out that the decision to allocate certain ports of discharge for ships rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean Sea “is made by the government, and stretch for a few days the state of the people who travel on these boats. I think about people who have to spend extra days on boats navigating, but between municipalities no one backs downnational theme.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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