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The government wants to reopen the small courts Monty closed in 2012. Deputy Secretary of State Delmastro: “Reform has failed”

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The executive branch’s plans include reopening 215 branches closed by the CTO ten years ago. FDI spokesman: “This choice did not guarantee the speed of the promised judgments. And he extinguished the light of legality, represented by the judiciary, in many places.”

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Discover Toddlers courts closed ten years ago Mario Monti. It’s also on the government’s agenda. Georgia Meloniaccording to the newspaper Seal. Under the rubric of justice are not only the reforms announced by the Minister of Justice Charles Nordiowhich he wants to remove malpractice, allow the use of listening only for mafia and terrorist crimes, and restore the old prescription. Positions of the Minister of Justice, which are not liked by the entire majority. And not at all FDIthe party that elected him and also represents the Deputy Secretary of State on Via Arenula, Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedov, often in much less guaranteed positions than Nordio’s. Of the courts abolished by Monti’s government, Delmastro told the newspaper headed by Massimo Giannini: “We must admit that this reform was refusal. There are no expected results. He did not guarantee the promptness of the solutions he promised. And it turned off the light of legitimacy represented by one in too many places. seat of justice“.

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In 2012, the choice of an interim government led by Monti with the Minister of Justice Paula Severino, was due to financial and economic reasons. Soon they were cut 215 locations separate and they were magistrates halved. Horizontal section, which at that time spared only offices on the islands of di Lipari, Portoferraio And Ischia. But small yardsAbruzzothat was damaged by the earthquake. Since then the offices SulmonaAvezzano, They drop and Vasto remained open through cyclic expansions. The latter expires at the end of 2023, but even after the four vessels are “safe”, it guarantees Marcus Marsiliusgovernor of Abruzzo and big Brothers of Italy, very close to Meloni. The assurance of the President of Abruzzo, which is connected precisely with the plans of the executive branch: to reopen the small courts closed by Monti. On the other hand, in the program centre-right there is clear talk of reorganizing the judiciary.

“There proximity of justice it is a value in itself,” Delmastro always says. Who in 2021 organized a meeting between melons and the Keeper of the Seals at that time Marta Kartabiya. Face to face, in which the current prime minister also talked about the need for small courts to reopen. “Cartabia,” Delmastro says today, “was firmly convinced that mass digitization would be enough to achieve the results agreed with Europe, namely the acceleration of civil and criminal processes. We have stated one a completely different place. Digitization can help the civic process, but it’s not enough without huge investments in staff. Thus, for the criminal process, the dematerialization of documents is even a serious risk. And nothing can ever contradict the basic principle of competitiveness. A return to close justice will help hasteNot another.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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