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“Doing business is a sacrifice, but it’s nice, I have a business”, “But he is a deputy”: a question and answer between Trancassini (Fdi) and Fratello on La7

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Questions and answers Omnibus (A7) between leading transmission, Flavia’s brotherAnd Paul Tracassinideputy Brothers of Italy and owner of one of the most famous Capitoline restaurants in the center of Rome. Casus belli is a Milanese patisserie closure re-proposed today Corriere della Serawhich reiterates the 83-year-old owner’s regret at not being able to find workers, also due to basic income. But truth be told, reviews of the bakery, both on Google and TripAdvisor, have been far from enthusiastic for years.
The brother comments: “This gentleman could not find any workers, but it is a pity that the life he imagined was the life of hell. I don’t think he found anyone. Why should I work like a dog 14 hours a day and have 800 euros a month?“.

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“Why is this hell?” Tracassini stands up.
The journalist replies: “Because not everyone dares to work 14 hours a day, getting up at 3 am, having no free Saturdays and Sundays and low pay. In other words, you have to really like this job to have such a life.”
“It’s different,” Tracassini replies, “I was referring to his definition of baking as hell. I have a similar business and I know what it means“.
“In fact, he is a deputy”comments Flavia Fratello, causing cheers in the studio.

The Melonian deputy replies: “I am engaged in both activities. Come to me whenever you want. This is true: the confectionery or restaurant business is a sacrifice, but there are people who are happy to develop your business. And that’s what our nation needs a little“.
“Yes, but if this gentleman can’t find workers,” the host objects, “maybe it’s because This business is not owned by employees. You don’t go there to be a salesperson for someone who pays you 800 euros a month.“.
Trancassini continues the glissando: “In the post-war period, we recovered thanks to all those who brought work back to the center.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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