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From weapons to Ukraine to a decree on Ischia: a submerged restart of parliament. Rai Supervision and Anti-Mafia Commission remain on standby

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Once the race against time to approve the maneuver is over, Parliament is waiting for a calendar full of measures when it restarts after the Christmas break. In the background, important parliamentary organs have yet to be launched: a tug of war between 5 stars and Rentsians to lead the public service of radio and television. While the law on the creation of a commission to investigate the activities of the mafia has not yet been adopted

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Nearly three months after the government was sworn in Georgia Meloni and more than a hundred days from political elections, there are still two important committees in parliament: Paradise Watching and investigation into mafia. Two absences that seem destined to last, given that when Parliament resumes work after the Christmas break, a calendar full of events awaits. Ended up a race against time to approve maneuver by the end of 2022, the Senate begins the new year with a series of passages in which the opposition will fight. There is a provision in the calendar that extends the sending military equipment to Ukraine: Of course, the 5 stars will vote no, but they will probably be the only ones among the opposition parties who will do so. Instead, the front should focus on the rule pack that updates i Security Decrees wanted Matthew Salvini, is being considered by the House Constitutional Affairs Committee: there is a vise on the table for NGOs that manage the flow of migrants. Likely parliamentary tensions are also on Decree of Ischiaborn after the November landslide that swept Casamicciola. It’s included aid decree quaterwhich, despite the fact thatarmored’ in the House, will enliven the debate on the part that concerns super bonus and drilling.

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There are not enough bicamerals – And even if in the Ayut quarter Pdm5s, Italy Live – Action and the green-left must vote equally, the positions of the four opposition forces remain absolutely distant. An example is the Rai Supervisory Board, which has never been withdrawn since the beginning of the legislature and is still in reserve for tug of war between 5 stars and the so-called third pole. Both are tempted by the presidency, especially the Rencians and Calendians, who have not succeeded in getting the leadership of any commission. In fact, the public radio and TV box is not the only missing box. At the moment, among the weight bicamera only Kopasir (of them Pd severed leadership from the former defense minister, Lorenzo Guerini, after the veto war). This is also under threat. extraordinary against antisemitism and hatredcreature Liliana Segre and re-proposed by her with a proposal that could soon be voted on to resume the work of the commission. And then, of course, this antimafiawhich, being a commission of inquiry, must be initiated by a special law at the beginning of every legislative assembly.

Need a law for the anti-mafia commission – The first anti-mafia commission was set up in 1962 after four years earlier Ferruccio Parri. Since then, at the start of each legislative assembly, it has taken about two months for Parliament to appoint deputies and senators to serve on the commission, which is based in Palace of San Macutoand then elect its president. The only exception was the seventh legislature, when between 1976 and 1979 Parliament did not approve a special commission: these were the years of governments Giulio Andreotti and about murder Aldo Moro. Then, in 2013, six months passed after the government came to power. Enrico LettaApril elections Rosie Bindi as President of San Macuto, although the commission’s bill had already been approved in June. In 2018, the commission was set up in August, five months before the election but just two months after the birth of the yellow-green government. This time, almost three months have passed since the birth of the Meloni government, but the law on the creation of the commission has not yet been drafted: there are already several proposals in Parliament to this effect, as in the Chamber (introduced by a 5-star Federico Cafiero De Rajo) and in the Senate, where, in addition to the former anti-mafia magistrate Roberto Scarpinato there are those of Franco Mirabelli And Walter Verini from Pd. But if these proposals are not voted on in the near future, it is unlikely that the commission will start working before March-April.

The Rentsians hope for the Meloni bank – Therefore, a sprint is needed, and this is what the party intends to ask for the resumption of work. Joseph Conte. “At the next meeting of the group leaders, we will again ask for a shorter timeline for the commission,” says Francesco Silvestri, group leader in Montecitorio. 5 stars gave the presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate a wish list of members, but missing the stars of other groups such as Pd. Officially, the cards remain closed, but for M5, the former minister is one of the most popular in the presidency. Stephen Patuanelli or Richard Riccinumber two in the group, plus an announcement Alessandra Todde and former mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino. Italia viva-Azione is committed to Maria Elena Boschi in the meantime, he openly puts forward his candidacy for the covid investigation commission, which has been requested several times. “It remains a mystery that this has not yet been established, given that the theme is sadly back in vogue. We will be asking for quick action,” says the leader of the group in the Senate. Raffaella Payt. On this front, the Rentsians could also hope for the side Brothers of Italy and the rest of the majority, who have always been sensitive to this issue. Maybe even in order to snatch the votes of the missing commissions, further dividing the minority. Epilogue, which could also be seen at the voting 10 Secular Csm Councilors who will be elected by Parliament at a joint session on 17 January. Apart from individual candidates, it will be an agreement between the majority and the opposition that will determine the names, and even if confidence is seeping in from circles closest to the government, an agreement is still a long way off.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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