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Cathargate, Costa and Kalenda attack Belgian judge Michel Claise: “Plenty of political protagonist and inquisitorial ambitions”

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Two Action MPs tweeted that they did not like an interview Klez gave to the Belgian newspaper L’Echo that was published by various Italian newspapers. Former deputy minister Berlusconi criticizes the judge’s metaphor, while his boss calls the interview “frightening” and worries about Kylie and Giorgi, who are “in jail for weeks”. But not even a mention of the seriousness of the charges and the evidence that has already appeared.

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The first attack in Europe to Michael Clayseinvestigating judge of the federal prosecutor’s office Brussels, originally from Italy. No, these are not lawyers for the people arrested in the case of bribes, which, according to the indictment, were given by emissaries Morocco He was born in Qatar influence the decisions of the European Parliament. In fact, two deputies from Action attacked the investigating judge in the euro bribe case: Henry Costa And Charles Kalenda. Who made it clear on Twitter that they didn’t like Claise’s interview with a Belgian newspaper Echopicked up by various Italian newspapers: a long interview in which the judge points his finger at “la political blindness in the face of corruption”, which “brings sense of impunityfor criminal organizations, and claims to be “very pessimistic” about the possibility of changing the mentality of the political class.

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The first to resentformer deputy minister Berlusconicurrent chairman of the House Resolution Committee, who is protesting the passage in which Claes uses metaphor explain when it is convenient for investigators to enter into a plea deal: let the prosecution dealpointing the gun at the temples of the detainees. Text. To embarrass”jingle of handcuffs”, he tweeted early in the morning, quoting Oscar Luigi Scalfaro’s famous expression.

Exactly one hour passes, and his party leader comes to support him: “I read the interview. And it’s just chilling. Another judge from delusions of a political protagonist And inquisitorial ambition. Meanwhile, two parents have been in prison for several weeks, and one girl 22 months she was left alone,” she lashes out, referring to the daughter of a former deputy assistant. Francesco Giorgi and former President of the European Chamber Eva Kylie. Naturally, neither Kalenda nor Costa mention the seriousness of the accusations and the evidence that has already emerged (which led even Minister Carlo Nordio, King of the Guarantors, to speak of “weakening the presumption of innocence”). But that would be too much to ask.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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