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Sicily is like Hollywood. Not just the Cannes event: FDI advisors have thus allocated millions to film and television productions.

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And the story of almost four million allocated to the Luxembourg company for an exhibition at the Cannes Film Festival is just one of the episodes of politics that began in 2020, when Nicola Tarantino took the helm of the Sicilian Film Commission, giving a strong turn to the Hollywood appetites of the “island

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There Sicily How Hollywood. This is what regional governments seem to be aiming for, given the huge spending in the audiovisual sector, which many of the (few) crisps available to the regional treasury. But it is perhaps more correct than recent governments to say that this department in particular that of Tourism and entertainment, which in recent years is run only by representatives of the Brothers of Italy. That’s where it was signed iron pact between politics, film and television which increased more and more regional resources dedicated to this sector. And the story of almost four million allocated to a Luxembourg company for an exhibition in Cannes Film Festival this is just an episode of politics that began in 2020, when at the helm Film Commission of Sicily he arrives Nicholas Tarantino which gives a strong twist to the island’s Hollywood appetites.

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Sicily like Hollywood Pandemic in the archive Sicily goes to Cannes with great fanfare already in 2021and a little later I will 3 million euros that TV and film production be filmed strictly in Sicily. Among them are 11 Marzo srl, the company that will produce the series with Amber Angiolini “Protezione Civile”, which will receive 250,000 euros from Sicily. However, it will take a long time to repair the damage done: a shot at Stromboliduring filming was lit a fire on the day of the sirocco, causing a huge fire that ruined the summer season on the Sicilian island. But the three million in 2021 was only the beginning of a policy directed entirely towards the seventh art and beyond: the following year, or September 26, 2022, upcoming film and TV programs: 10 million 800 thousand euros. The amount has been more than tripled in order to make the island a great place and thus glorify its image throughout the world. This is the goal proclaimed by Tarantino himself and confirmed in Decree N. 2298 of September 26, which allocates money to be used in fiscal years 2023 and 2024: Sicily is currently in preliminary exercisehe will stay there until at least January 31, but he has already committed almost 11 million euros for 2023 (4,320,000) and 2024 (6,480,000).

Shopping list – So, in fact, Disney will receive a million euros for filming the film. Lions of Sicily “which will be seen in more than 180 countries,” Tarantino notes. There Disney platform provides a large audience for the work of the Sicilian Stefania Auci, with implications, hopefully also for the entire island: “To be able to get funding, you have to go to Sicily and invest in the area one and a half times the amount received. “, explains Tarantino again. And a million and a half spend in Sicily to shoot in Sicily. This is an economic strategy implemented by the Department of Tourism currently managed by Melonian. Francis Scarpinato: office occupied a few months ago by another Melonian, Manlius Messinawho is now Deputy Team Leader in the Chamber Brothers of Italy. Even before the transfer took place, or that Renato Schifani made up his junta and that the current adviser Francesco Lollobrigida imposed him from Rome, Tarantino’s contract was renewed. Provided for October 10 with a deadline in 2024. For years, a regional official with a long curriculum in which he even wore a uniform Financial GuardTarantino boasts a master’s degree in film and audiovisual management from Anica (National Association of Motion Picture, Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries) and was even responsible for the film’s photographic casting. Giuseppe Tornatore Nuovo Cinema Paradiso in 1989. The right person in the right place, who managed to raise money dedicated to this sector in just over a year.

Mr Absolute: “Here’s how the Cannes event went” – However, this is largely due to the show at Cannes. This is what Tarantino proposes and repeats. Patrick Nasonpatron Absolute bluethe Luxembourgish company that will take care of the Sicilian event on the French Riviera, which cost 2.2 million last year and tripled by 2023: for the French event they will leave the Sicilian treasury. EUR 3,750,000. “Given the success and consequences of the first event, which brought many international productions to Sicily, this year we wanted to invest more, for example in guests, but in the details related to contractual secrecy, I would not like to go into details. it,” says Nasonier Fattoquotidiano.it. Costs for guests will, however, only EUR 29,760, while the most expensive figures relate to the rent and equipment of the hall (920,000 euros) and work (790,000). Therefore, if the integrity of the event is proven, such a dizzying increase in costs from year to year remains full of questions. While Nasson explains other aspects: “We do not have 3 employees, but 6, while we rely on partners from 150 freelancers. The company is mine, and I created it many years ago. I have been living in Belgium since high school when I moved here after a period in Italy where I attended elementary school in a small town in the province spices. We settled there after a period in Africa: my father worked in Born”explains Nasonier. Which highlights: “We do brand activation, in essence, we connect big brands and big events, creating a connection between them. Among our clients there are Mastercardafter Cannes we will have Roland Garros and the final Champions League In the Stambul. Relations with Sicily began two years ago when I needed an orchestra for the first event in Cannes (before Sicilian, approx. Messina). And he really wants to clarify: “My company has never had debts.”

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Also includes work in progress − Thus, a happy alliance between entrepreneurs and politicians seems to be behind the sudden Sicilian cinematic success. Whose list is he still on with a million euros apiece Palomarproduction company of Inspector Montalbano and Macari, who will film black sandmystery series Christina Kassar Scalia. There to the wild side, which has just released Le Otto Montagne, will go to Sicily to shoot Mandorlo Bitter, taking 800,000 euros as a contribution. For Il only 500 thousand road knightproduced by Revok srl, and 400 thousand will be spent on I have love (story by Rosa Balistreri). Even without funding, the island is already very popular on platforms: on Sky, for example, the very successful American series White Lotusafter the first series was filmed in Hawaii, the second season takes place almost entirely in Taormina (except Noto, Cefalu and Palermo). On Netflix He’s been gone for several months From scratch, taken from the autobiography of American actress Themby Locke (played by Zoe Saldana) and based on her personal story: Locke married a Sicilian and some of the series’ scenes take place on an island. An island that, due to the diversity of the landscape, from volcanoes to beaches and monuments, is certainly suitable to be a scenery, but not only the beauty of the island attracted the appetites of the seventh art: even such a great unfinished object as Bluefi Dam, on Madoni, became a set. Edge 500 billion lira it was started in 1989 and never completed: it was supposed to serve as a link between the Ansipa dam and the Fanaco dam for the distribution of water in the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Enna. Instead, it has become the setting for a new adaptation of Dino Buzzati’s masterpiece.”Tatar desert”. It will be called The Fortress, will be directed by Jessica Woodworth, and Charlie’s daughter Geraldine Chaplin is one of the main characters. Also eligible for funding in the amount of one million euros is a series Valeria Golino taken from the popular book by the Sicilian writer Goliarda Sapienza, The Art of Joy. Between beauties and unfinished places where to shoot a film, there is no shortage in Sicily. And apparently no money either.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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