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Excises, Pite-Mollicone collision in La7. “You removed the discount set by the Draghi government.” “You look like Berlusconi, go see a psychologist”

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Collision in Omnibus (A7) between parent company Italy live in the Senate Raffaella Paytaand deputy Brothers of Italy, Federico Molliconeon blocking the fuel cut-off by decision Meloni government.
Paita emphasizes the contradictions between the election promises of the Brothers of Italy and the reality of the facts: Draghi government. You can be more or less nostalgic for Draghi, but he did something important for Italian families.”
“Paita, the election campaign is over,” Mollicone replies, “you lost the election. Work through mourning.

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Sparks between the two politicians continue for several minutes, and Paita is repeatedly reprimanded by the host. Gaia Tortora because of the length of his speeches. After the commercial break, Mollicone, reading the text on his smartphone, reproaches the Italia Viva MP: “These are definitely excise taxes from 8 years ago. And 8 years ago, who was at the Palazzo Chigi? Matthew Renzi. So, these are the excise taxes of the Renzi government, we didn’t increase anything at all.”
“Since then there have been two differences,” Payta replies. – The first is that we are not 8 years old, and there is no problem of expensive energy. In addition, Renzi, unlike Meloni, did not shoot pre-election commercials in which he hoped to abolish excise taxes. You did it yourself.”
“You look like Berlusconi”, objected the Melonian deputy.

“You have raised excises,” Payta resumes, “Unfortunately, this is true.”
“We have not increased anything, these are the values ​​of 8 years ago. Go and look at them,” Mollicon replies.
“I need to close the argument,” continues the deputy.
“Go see a psychologist’ replies Mollicone laughing as the moderator tries to defuse the debate by saying that it is not offensive to invite a parliamentarian.
Meanwhile, Payta, in connection with this, does not hear and still quotes Mario Draghi, causing opposition from Gaia Tortora: “It doesn’t work here. You must also move forward in life. Draghi is not there and now there is a different government. And we have to discuss this.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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