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“Young people can’t be fooled anymore, tell Briatore and Santancha”: complaint song about Perissinotto’s unreliability featuring Skianthos

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January 11 at 10.30 in Milan Flash mob, in Piazza Duca d’Aosta, under the Palazzo Pirelli, seat of the regional council, to shout that “the precariat is a package.” In attendance will be: Fabio “Dandy Bestia” Testoni, guitarist and founder of Skiantos, and Pablo Perissinotto, who will sing: “I Giovani” and “Sono un ribelle mamma”, a cult work by Skiantos. Will follow in 11:15 a.m. Press conference at: Central Market (Central Station), Spazio Fare, 1st floor, with national video preview: “I Giovani”. “I am Giovani” is a recording of a denunciation on Skianthos and Pablo Perissinottosinger-songwriter prepared by the regional representatives of Movimento 5 Stelle Lombardia (Marco Degli Angeli, Marco Fumagalli, Raffaele Erba and Dino Alberti), as well as representatives of Piedmont and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Manifesto song about exploited young people, confirming that young people are not slackers. This is the Skiantos, a historical crazy rock band that takes to the field with the youth, the low paying jobs and the dangers that oppress them. The goal of the song and video is to debunk the repetitive rhetorical narrative to the detriment of youth with great rock verve. “I Giovani” – a work born of intuition Paul Perissinotto, which in recent months has collected stories of young victims of exploitation and harassment at work. The piece is an urgent reflection, which has collected a piece of politics, about the ridiculous conditions that young people receive during interviews, about the torment of a future without certainty, but above all, without understanding. We need dignity, support for the weakest, minimum wages, income support, countering insecurity, and creating a safety net to keep the social fabric stable. Video directed by Milo Barbieri in his studio in Bologna.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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