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Pnrr, Meloni receives von der Leyen: “Government commitment confirmed.” “We discussed the implementation of the plan”

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Meeting at Palazzo Chigi between the Prime Minister and the President of the EU Commission in connection with the Extraordinary European Council on February 9-10, dedicated in particular to the economy and migration. On the table are changes to the recovery and resilience plan

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A face-to-face meeting at the Palazzo Chigi, which lasted approx. hour and a quarterduring which Georgia Meloni And Ursula von der Leyen they mostly talked about migrants and from Poland. The Prime Minister must reach an understanding withEU for rewrite at least part of a recovery and resilience plan: to avoid further accumulation delays and take price increase From power And materials. During the meeting, according to Palazzo Chigi, Prime Minister confirmed commitment Italian government on Pnrr. Although after the interview, the President of the European Commission tweeted: “We also discussed implementation Poland in Italy.

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Meloni greeted von der Leyen in the courtyard of the Palazzo Chigi with handshake in front of photographers before going for an interview. The second of two, after the first personal meeting in Brussels on the occasion of Georgia Meloni’s first foreign visit as prime minister. Today’s meeting, as Palazzo Chigi always reports, provided an excellent opportunity for one opinion exchange in preparation for the Extraordinary European Council February 9-10 devoted in particular to economics and migration. For the Italian government, putting the issue of migrants on the agenda of the next EU summit was indeed a success. Italy will aim to accelerate by one distribution more organic and automatic than migrants who land in the countries of first arrival. But the closure of Sweden, which has an alternate presidency, has already come.

The Minister for European Affairs was also present at the Palazzo Chigi. Raphael Dense. In fact, the government wants to revise control from Polanda step that must also be agreed with Brussels. It was already stipulated by ministerial order that Central service for Planstationed in Mefe and led by Carmen from Nuzzo, works “in support” of delegated authority. Thus, it is no longer the Ministry of Economy, but a new special ministry, which the prime minister has entrusted to the government. the most faithful Dense. Now the intention is to access the rest of the intermediate structuresunits for the NDP, created in individual ministries, which should become immediately replaceable.

Finally, during the meeting at the Palazzo Chigi, satisfaction was expressed at the signing of the Joint Declaration scheduled for Tuesday in Brussels. EU-NATO. In Ukraine, relations between Rome and Brussels are excellent: Italy remains committed to supporting Kyiv economically and militarily, in line with the EU and its Atlantic alliance partners. “It’s nice to meet Georgia Meloni today in Rome. Ahead of the next meeting of the European Council, we discussed how to: Keep supporting Ukraine; guarantee energy safe and accessible; increase the competitiveness of EU industry; make progress in Migration Pact”Von der Leyen also confirmed on Twitter.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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