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Excise, Travaglio on La7: “Speculation on petrol prices? No, this Meloni government does not reduce it after he promised it.”

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“Rising fuel prices? Now the government is making a big fuss about who is driving up the price of gasoline. Not, it is they who do not allow him to decrease after they promised him. The problem is that first Berlusconi, then Renzi, then Salvini, then Meloni promised to abolish excise taxes on gasoline. Great goal. Too bad they didn’t. In fact, the government is doing exactly the opposite, because it removed the discount on excises.” Are the words spoken Half past eight (A7) Conductor de daily factMarco Travallowho ironically comments on the announced meeting of the Prime Minister, Georgia MeloniMinister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgettiand commanding general Guardia di Finanza, Giuseppe Zafaranato evaluate the most effective strategies for countering perceived speculation in the price of gasoline.
“This meeting,” notes Travalho, “reminds me of the movie Woody Allen, Curse of the Jade Scorpion, in which Allen is an investigator and, under hypnosis, is engaged in robberies. Robbery investigation, he eventually discovers that he is actually the burglar. The Meloni government canceled the 18 cent excise rebate, hence 15 cents plus VAT, after already cutting it by 40% in November because there is no money.”

And he adds: “The prosecutor’s office of Rome is not conducting a new investigation into these speculations, because it already was when he was a minister. crawlers who justified it by saying the same thing, namely that the price of gasoline is rising because there are bad speculators. No, gasoline is getting more expensive because there is a war and sanctions, which are actually self-sanctions. And that’s the government’s problem. Another problem concerns the decision to send ever more powerful weapons to Ukraine, as the Ukrainians and our allies are already asking us. And here, he concludes, there is another small problem: assistance for a living wage to the budget is valid until Marchthen you have to find more money. Besides, July Here social bomb because of those who will no longer take basic income and that they won’t find a job the next day. And so I think they will be furious. I think these issues are a little more serious than what the mainstream media is talking about today.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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