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Ultras, Piantedosi tow Salvini to Daspo for life. And announces tightening after collisions: moving towards more prohibited trips

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The head of Viminale announces the strict application of what is already possible to do, more than intervention from a legislative point of view. Starting with the cancellation of several fan trips involved in violent episodes. And a government colleague “never again at the stadium” freezes: “I don’t know if it’s legal to talk about Daspo all my life.”

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Wednesday meeting with the leaders of football, then a request for screw turn. Probably without departing from the current picture, also because Daspo for life called immediately Matthew Salvini this is legally impossible. Now the Minister of the Interior is talking about it. Matteo Piantedosi, essentially refuting the latest statement of his counterpart in the government. in the next day partisans along the A1 motorway between ultras From Rome And Naplesthe head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that they will arrive “particularly strict directives” and “instructions” for doing “maximum precaution”.

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Translation: we are approaching closing against severe typhusbut more than intervention under legislative profile hard application of what is already possible is expected. Beginning with travel ban. “The existing regulatory framework allows you to take already restrictive measures and I myself, as prefect of Rome, took steps to disqualify some fans. We are already working with the chief of police,” the interior minister explained.

On Wednesday I will meet Keep them in mind football leaders – he announces – A meeting that is already a prelude to one rigor perspective and the severity of these phenomena. Piantedosi therefore warns that “we will issue particularly stringent directives” so that “measures based on maximum precautionary criteria will be taken.” This is how he “debunks” the myth of political immobility in the face of ultras’ violence: “A lot has been done in recent years, so much so that it always fewer episodes take place in stadiumsso much so that they meet other places like yesterday”.

There is data fromNational Observatory of Sporting Events give evidence: 74% violence occurs outside sports facilities, in six out of ten cases in urban context. The numbers aren’t growing, but they’re mostly consistent season 2018/19last before insidious restrictions who kept the ultras away from the stands and the streets. And about the possibility of lifelong Daspo, which was internally provided law Beloved in 2007 but never applied until the rule was changed seven years later, he says “I don’t know legally You can talk about Daspo for life, but I can definitely assure you that the current system of rules allows you to take adequate measures.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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