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Lite Travaglio-Sallusti about La7: “You are a journalist, from time to time you have to mistakenly say something true.” “Instead, you are Conte’s lawyer”

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hot fight Half past eight (A7) between Marco Travaglio and Alessandro Sallusti about the stay of the leader M5s Giuseppe Conte in a luxury hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Director Free, who devoted daily articles to the former prime minister’s vacation, remarks: “Conte seemed to me a contradiction in terms. First, he spends time in parliament, and not only there, shouting at the rich: “All thieves, all tax evaders, all to prison! We must stay with the poor.” And after 10 minutes, when everything is over, he picks up the phone and goes to Cortina. I am happy that he is going to Cortina. It is not the Count in Cortina that worries me, but the Count in Parliament.”
“Who said that all the rich are thieves? the director calls daily fact “Did Conte ever yell at the rich, saying they were thieves?”

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“I understand that you are biased,” Sallusti replies.
Travallo replies: “No, I want to understand in which parliamentary debate he said the nonsense that you just reported, because theoretically you would be a journalist too, No? So, you will need a minimum of facts. Are you worried that Conte is protecting the poor and therefore, he continues, In your opinion, whoever is not poor cannot protect the poor. So, given that all politicians earn 15,000 euros a month, no one should protect the poor, but they should protect all the rich. It’s your crazy idea.”

Sallusti relaunches: “You overestimate me so much because even I’m in the past and glorious times when I tried to protect Berlusconi I was so persuasive. As soon as the word Conte is pronounced, Travallo jumps up on a chair and says: “When? As?'”.
“But did Conte cheat the IRS out of $380 million? – asks the director of “Fact” – Do you understand that Conte bought villas with tax fraud? What comparisons are you making? But what are you talking about? You’re a journalist, sometimes you have to tell the truth by mistake.“.
“But you do Lawyer ConteSallust answers.
“But I am not a supporter of anything,” Travalho replies, “I am doing serious things. You should have apologized to Bersani after attacking him because he was buying something at a high-end store, because you think a leftist can’t buy anything at a high-end store. And you back away from it.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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