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Milan, from 2024, cars will drive around the city with a limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

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The proposal was approved by the Milan City Council and enthusiastically received by Giunta. On the other hand, a completely different opinion is held by Matteo Salvini, who commented on Twitter: “I remind the mayor and the DP that people in Milan would also like to work.”

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Municipal Council of Milan approved agenda, including speed limit 30 kilometers per hour Citywide as of January 1, 2024 Approved document a sea ​​palace invite the mayor Beppe Sala Declare “Milan City 30“, in line with what has already been done by other cities. Municipality of Bolognalaunched the Bologna Citta 30 plan in recent months, becoming one of the first Italian cities to follow the path blazed by the European Parliament through a plan to significantly reduce traffic accidents and reduce road deaths. roads.

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Advisor in Milan Marco Mazzeithe first signatory of the proposal, elected in Palazzo Marino with the Sala list, emphasized that “a collision between a car moving at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour and a pedestrian or cyclist it’s almost always fatal for a light road user, and, conversely, a blow at a distance of 30 kilometers is almost never fatal and gives sufficient confidence that the consequences are less serious.

As part of the proposal made and approved in the City Council hall, Aci-Istat dataWhereby 70% of accidents in Italy among the main reasons he sees precisely lover speed. The agenda presented by Mazzei was also welcomed by the municipality’s mobility adviser. Ariadne’s censer, who explained: “Reducing the speed in the city is a goal that we are trying to pursue and achieve. It is from here that the culture of the city is built, and this is already the strategy of many European cities.” However, Twitter interference Matthew Salvini is of a completely different nature: “I remind the mayor and the DP that people in Milan would also like to work,” the minister said.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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