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Gasoline and diesel, the Ministry of Natural Resources disavows the government: “No speculation, the increase is caused only by excise taxes”

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Is the fuel price higher than 2 euros? Today it is “speculation,” Minister for the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Picetto Fratin said five days ago in an interview with La Stampa, in which he defended the decision to cancel excise tax cuts in order to concentrate resources on bills.

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The Ministry of the Environment confirms what could already be done with the help of mathematics: rising prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. depends on the decision of the government eliminate tax deductions. In the first week of January, the Ministry of the Environment took over regular national monitoring of price increases fuel mainly in line with the increase due to the refusal to extend the reduction of excises. According to what was posted on Mase’s weekly pricing web page, self-service petrol rose from 1.644 euros to 1.812 euros per liter from January 1 to 8, an increase of 16.8 cents. Diesel fuel has risen in price from 1,708 to 1,868 euros, having increased by 16 cents. From January 1, the growth of excises amounted to 18 kopecks.

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Is the fuel price higher than 2 euros? Today it is “speculation”, said the Minister of Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Picetto Fratin five days ago in an interview with Seal in which he defended the decision to cancel the reduction in excise taxes on focus resources on accounts. “It is necessary to counteract the rise in fuel prices, first of all, by strengthening fight speculationas the government already does. It is important to continue to support families and businesses, essential elements of social cohesion and economic recovery.” political leader Noi Moderati said today Maurizio Lupi. “Coming here, I heard the Minister of Economy, we are also working on mothers and fathers who commute to work on the motorway and when they run out of gas, they can’t tear off their checkbook,” said the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini- “We’re thinking about seeing someone is speculating, cunningor an unusual increase,” he added.

The National Consumers Union also comes to the same conclusions from the Ministry of the Environment, which notes: “No fuel speculation. The increase, at least for now, is solely due to the unfortunate and short-sighted decision of the Meloni government to pluck motorists like chickens, which triggered the increase in excise taxes. In fact, apart from the usual dodgy neighbors who never let you down, according to official Mase figures, the national average for petrol has risen by 16.79 cents for petrol and 16 cents for diesel compared to the Dec. 31 survey, which is even below 18.3. cents, which mathematically depend on the increase in excise duty by 15 cents + VAT. Then speculation is defined “a hoax artfully inflated by the government.”

Fuel has a “direct” and “indirect” effect on inflation due to transportation and intermediation. “In the long term, this could become a big problem if things go in the direction of continuous growth,” the president of Istat recalled today. Gian Carlo Blangiardo, to Sky TG24. Blangiardo recalled the inflation Institute’s estimate for 2023 of 5.1%, a figure that, however, may now seem “optimistic”: “if things had gone even worse, the value could have been exceeded upwards, with consequences above all.” in less wealthy families.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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