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Dear petrol, Tabarelli (Nomisma): “Speculation has nothing to do with it, serious checks have been going on for years. What is happening borders on the ridiculous.”

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“Expensive fuel prices? Everything is not so badWe’ve seen worse. There is only a lot of confusion and what is happening in these hours on gasoline is bordering on ridiculous”. Thus, in transmission Entrepreneur and otherson Cusano Italia TV, President Nomisma Energy, Davide Tabarellispeaks about the increase in fuel prices, which she primarily attributes to the abolition of the discount on excises by decision Meloni government.
Tabarelli explains: “When there is such confusion in competitive markets, there are many fears. At this moment, the confusion is complete, a little for devastating crisis for Russian gaspartly because we invest in these liberalization processes. I remember that the bills, however, are falling and that things are going up“.

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O assumptions, Tabarelli remarks, “Since we’ve been hearing about them for 50 years, anyone making them at this hour would be a billionaire and get out of the market. I believe it doesn’t happen speculators don’t have to do those touches of a bankrupt shopkeeper. By the way, they’ve been there for years. serious checksexcept that today this army of financiers came out to check. In 1991 we decided to liberalize fuel prices, which have almost always been controlled since the 1950s. Such liberalization. Prices vary, sometimes fast, sometimes slower. But at the end of the year, they cancel each other out.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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