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Polls, Swg: Fratelli d’Italia and Movimento 5 stelle are growing. The free fall of the Democratic Party continues

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The first batch of FdI is followed by the 5 Star Movement (growth), which separates the Democratic Party by almost 4 percentage points, which continues to lose support. Matteo Salvini’s League is also doing poorly.

Brothers of Italy stays forever first party in Italy and then 5 star movement which separates from 3.7 percentage points a Democratic Party which continues to lose support. It’s also bad for the League. This is the picture that appears in the last vote implemented swg per A7.

Prime Minister’s Party Georgia Meloni stands on 31.3%earning one 0.7% compared to last week. Also growing M5s: Movement Joseph Conte estimated at 17.7% (+0.3%), tearing off Pd by almost 4 percentage points. after the case QatarGate and given the congressional phase, the Democrats continue free fall: minus 0.7% from this seventh lowers Democratic Party to fourteen%, a value that the party has never recorded in nationwide opinion polls. The party is also losing support (half a percent). Matthew Salvini estimated at8.5%. behind the league Action-Italy: Renzi-Kalenda falls 0.3 percentage points and remains at 7.5%. Instead, it improves Come on Italy: Berlusconi’s party is gaining 0.8 points, approaching 7% (6.9 to be exact).

They close the picture Alliance of the Greens and the Left to 3.7% (-0.3), +Europe to 3% (+0.2), Italexite to 2.2% = People’s Union in1.6% (-0.2) and We moderate 1.1% (+0.2). The survey was conducted on a sample of 1200 adults residing in Italy (4448 non-responders) between January 4 and 9, 2023. The statistical error of the data presented is 2.8% with a 95% confidence interval.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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