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Bersani on La7: “We need at least 15 billion without going into debt. How to find them? With solidary contributions of the highest incomes and profits”

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“FROM 11% inflation someone came reverse assets on employee hired worker, unreliability defenseless, on welfarebecause we have one healthcare which, with the flight from the public, gradually disintegrates. Facing this reality the government cannot be distracted. We must jump into it.“. These are the words of a former MP LeU Pier Luigi Bersaniwho is the owner Tuesday (La7), analyzes the situation in Italy, suggesting possible solutions and harshly criticizing an overly ideological approach Meloni government : “Of course, the right is the right. But it is an Italian law that is neither liberal nor social. This has always been a hierarchical and corporate law: the taxman goes by category and therefore mutual societies will also come; “law and order” for those who are delusional, but not for tax evaders; work should be available to those who give wealth, i.e. preferably to small businesses that pay in cash voucher“.

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Bersani explains: “We need to take some measures, which cost approx. 15 billion. We funded measures to reduce the cost of energy until March. Do we think that since March there is no need for funding anymore? But what do they think they are doing? Meanwhile, you don’t have to throw away your money because between flat tax and other things, we made an amnesty, which stands for the first time in history. This is not an amnesty, but pardon squared. After need more money without going into debt“.

Then Bersani offers his recipe: “We need to call the country to solidarity, who has more, he gives more. I’m talking about solidarity contributions and I’m ready to make a list, but not here, because this is a serious conversation. And we forgot about additional profit? Just impose a solidarity tax on all profits so that the Constitutional Court cannot say anything. And then the normal ones are released. In this way, we also attract 13 billion.“.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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