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Beach concessions, Gasparri submits an amendment that postpones tenders for two years (contrary to the EU): “No more hesitation”

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The pro-strength senator is hammering a nail to put the game back on factories that were due to close within a year. First, he says, we need a transparent map of concessions with a census. It’s a pity that Draghi predicted this, and that there was already one that simply did not have contracts with the appropriate tariffs. With all due respect to Europe, the Council of State, competition and transparency

“At seaside resorts, there is no time to hesitate anymore,” he says. Maurice Gasparri who had just signed an amendment to the Milleproroghe to postpone attic tenders for at least another year, preferably two or two. With all due respect to Europe, which keeps us under investigation for violation of rights, del Poland and even from State Councilwho spoke in favor of imposing an expiration of the concessions at the end of 2023. Gasparri says that “there is no technical timeline to find a final solution by 2023” and for this reason he decided to propose “an extension of all timelines by one or two years”. The comedy of concessions continues through the winter. After Fratelli D’Italia, with santanche former Minister of Tourism, but without a delegation because he is the owner of Twiga and the holder of the relative concession, so the initiative belongs to the senate by force, because Forza Italia and Lega are the other parties that caused dissatisfaction of the managers. promising to send the ball of the race to the stands and condition them generous compensation investments made. Not knowing exactly where to post the question this time, Gasparri found it on a map, “a real and homogeneous map of our coasts, to follow what was decided in competition law and find a final solution,” he says. A discourse that recalls the famous map of sins, places of national interest, among which the location of the national waste repository was to be chosen, which was never found and was held for years. And we’re still here today asking ourselves “where do I put this barrel”?

in facttrick it is neither new nor original. The Draghi government has already repaired itself with “paper” from hot potatoes. It was September last year and CDM created a database for intelligence all public goods entrusted to private individuals. This operation has also been the subject of controversy, since competition law referring to the well-known directive Bolkestein, from which everything follows, in Art. 2 provides “display and transparency systems that provide public goods. A general and almost obvious definition, which in Italy, however, cannot be taken for granted. And so, at the instigation of the former governor of the ECB, the MEF was born “an information system for identifying concessions of public goods”, which, by the initials “Sikonbep”, which imposes new communication obligations on local authorities for what long time is expected, which many do not mind.

In fact, mapping is not only about beaches, but also aboutAll goods state-owned and unused assets (…) that are the subject of acts, treaties and agreements providing for the granting of the exclusive right of use to private or public entities.” This means that the telematic census will end when the deputies have more gray hair than the senators, according to the Greek calends. But this was not enough for Carroccio’s ministers, who at the height of the election campaign wanted to show the concession holders which side they were on and voted against in the Council of Ministers. Minister Garavaglia expressed a preemptive “no”, colleagues Giorgetti and Stephanie followed suit. Thus the first of two edicts useful for sector reform ended up colliding with the latter rather than coinciding with it, which always stems from the delegation of authority to government provided for by competition law, but concerns criteria with what to build horse racing for new concessions and definition (this is the essence of all comedy) compensation for outgoing license holders. The decree, which then remained blocked. Months go like this, so much so that in February the term of the first resolution expires, the very one that determines the creation and coordination of an information system for concession objects. A term that today allows Gasparri to say “no time”.

However, time is only one of the independent variables in a continuum of concession pantomime that lasts for decades. The day after Siconbep’s approval to say Sun 24 hours he quietly remarked that the rabbit pulled out of the hat was only useless duplicate, because a similar system has been around for many years, that was enough to make it work. Actually there are two. The first one is a project Heritage-Palaunched by decree back in 2010, which already currently provides commitment to communication annually up to Treasury Departmentpublic administrations of data relating to assets transferred in concessions, as well as data relating to real estate (buildings and land) and shareholdings. But there is more.

For beach concessions already exists – since 1993 – institutional portal: it is called “Sid” (Public Property Information System – Sea Portal) and is administered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. The system is geo-referenced, tied to the cadastre, and also allows you to search by subject. Let’s say the one in the picture is the famous Twiga from marble fort Minister of Tourism. You can see the buildings, the borders, the coastline. What is missing is an agreement with appropriate tariffs to ensure the desired transparency. And it would be clear at a glance how the plant, which worked in 2021 6 million euro per year is paid to the state 17 thousand euros. Less than the €26,000 Twiga himself paid to Fratelli d’Italia in the same year.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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