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Elections in Lazio, CGIL trade unionist Tina Bali is a candidate on the list backed by Giuseppe Conte.

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Facebook ad: “My campaign slogans will be work, inequality and climate.” National Secretary Flai dissolved the reserve in favor of the Progressive Polo project and in support of M5s candidate Bianchi.

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Trade Unionist and Flai-Cgil Secretary Tina Bali announced that he would be racing as the leaders on Regionals Lazio. And he will do it for the Polo Progressive roster he maintains. Joseph Conte and candidate 5 star movement for the presidency Donatella Bianchi.

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“The choice was painful and hectic”, he wrote on Facebook, removing the disclaimer: “I love my job as a trade unionist, I love CGIL and even more I love Flai, a category that has heart and planning and is firmly on the ground and in it to lead the strategic vision future. To convince me of the correctness of the request that was addressed to me: “Politics needs help from the world of work and civil society in order to be able to be reborn, to get out of the logic and dynamics, far from people who have lost their faith.” That’s why I agreed.” Bali also recalled that “in Lazio it is more difficult to restore employment than anywhere else, and work is increasingly characterized by inequality, extreme insecurity, low wages, undeclared work and new forms of poverty that primarily punish youth and women.” And concluded:My campaign slogans will be work, inequality and climate.“.

progressive pole this is the left component, born by the project”Coordination 2050” and founded by politicians such as Stefano Fassina, Loredana De Petris, Alfonso Pecoraro And Paul Chento. The left-wing group, which does not recognize itself as part of a coalition led by Enrico Letta and the Democrat, has declared its support for the 5 Star movement and the presidential candidate of the region, Bianchi.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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