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Expensive gasoline, Meloni: “With the reduction in excise taxes, there would be no other help. A well-designed campaign: where has the press been in the last few years?

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The prime minister broke her silence after days of arguing over fuel prices: “We have made a choice that I support and that is a choice of social justice.” He then attacks the newspapers: “I don’t remember the campaigns of these days in other periods when 2 euros per liter was exceeded.”

“In order to reduce excises, we could not increase health fundfamily audience for reduce house billsfor SME loans: all these measures would be canceled if the reduction of excises were envisaged”. This is the prime minister’s position. Georgia Meloni who, after several days of silence, decided to intervene on the issue fuel prices with a video posted on his social networks. “Rather than throwing around 10 billion – that’s a Meloni renovation – we decided to focus resources on those who needed them most. We have made the choice that I affirm, and this social justice“. Meloni confirms that she is “convinced of the choice” made by the government. “I think,” he muses, “that it was wiser to help those with low wages, those who were unemployed, those who were unable to shop, than to use resources to allow, say, me, I say about me, who in any case has a solid salary to pay less for gas. It is the government that must make the choice.” The intervention adopted yesterday by the Council of Ministers, emphasizes the Prime Minister, is aimed at protecting most gas stations” which honesty And responsible“. “At cdm,” says Meloni, “we have decided to strengthen the sanctions rules for those who do not comply with legally required communications, and have established that the average daily price must be displayed at each gas station.”

“They tell us that we miscalculated,” he adds, “I heard everything, I follow the price of gasoline. The data that was published on the Made in Italy website of the ministry was 1812 and we would like this price to be lower when it changes from what it was in previous years.” According to the prime minister, the debates of these days are raised, in particular, by the newspapers. He explains: “The average price of excise reductions under the previous government was 1,885 euros, on 27 June 2,073 euros, on 1 August 1,877 euros. Then I can also understand that the price is now high, but where was the press, because the price of gasoline was 2077 euros. I don’t remember the campaigns of these days in previous years. Then there are distortions and we have to intervene.” For Meloni “one was created well built communication campaign and there is, but there is also what I answer. This is the reality, the government must continue to monitor and intervene when necessary.” Meloni speaks of a “complete hoax”: “The government did not raise excise taxes,” the prime minister continues, “and, I will tell you more, it did not even retreat from the position of the last government, which, in an attempt calm down the price gasoline excises are temporarily reduced. We confirmed the decision of the previous government, which was a temporary measure to see how things are in the market. We decided don’t change your choice of the previous government, apparently shared by many of those who are attacking us today, that this measure should be stopped.”

Even among those who comment on the same video on social networks, there are those who remind the premiere of one of her videos, and more recently, in which she spoke out against the “shame” of excises. And Meloni dedicates an excerpt from his speech to this. “From many sides, a video from 2019 is spinning, in which I, filling the car with gasoline, spoke about the need to reduce excise taxes. It was said that Meloni inconsistentthen he said something to you during the election campaign, then he didn’t tell the government.” Now it’s not a coincidence that this video is from 2019 and not from the last election campaign, because – let’s understand each other – I’m still convinced that the reduction in excise taxes on gasoline is right, but it does not escape attention that in the period up to 2019 the world has changed and unfortunately we are faced with one emergency it forces us to make some choices.” In short: “I didn’t promise in this campaign that I would cut excise duties on gasoline because I knew the situation I would have to face.” Meloni says to herself: “much encouraging the likelihood that sooner or later we will be able to do structural section rather than temporary excise duties. on this matter, the head of the M5s team answers the Chamber Francesco Silvestri: “It’s unbelievable that Georgia Meloni says she never promised to cut excise taxes during the election campaign. In a programme his party, which he was supposed to read, literally says that, once in the government, he would undertake to “sterilize the state’s income from taxes on energy and fuel and automatically reduce VAT and excise taxes.” Now he’s taking it all back, crossing his fingers and hoping for some sort of collective amnesia.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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