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Meloni talks about expensive gasoline and takes it out on journalists: “Where was the press when the price was 2073 euros? I don’t remember such campaigns”

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Long 16-minute speech about high gas prices. Premiere Georgia Meloni released a new video “Georgia Notes” and spoke about the increase in fuel prices after the end of the reduction in excise taxes. “The average price last week was 1.812 euros per liter, this is certainly a price that we would like to reduce, but how much has it changed compared to what we have seen in previous months and years?” he explained. ” average price when there was a reduction in excises in the previous government, it was 1885 euros in May, 2073 euros on 27 June, 1877 euros on 1 August. Then I can also understand that the price is high now, but where was the presscommunications, politics, how much was the average price of gasoline at 2073 euros? Meloni attacked, taking it with me journalists. “Where was he in previous years? I do not remember the campaigns that we are seeing these days in previous years,” he continued, stressing that already under the Monti government and in 2014 under Renzi, the price of gasoline rose above 1800 per liter. Meloni concluded by emphasizing that it is still necessary to “interfere” with any misrepresentations.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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