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Banco de Fomento published the first list of candidates approved for Consolidar in an “unfortunate mistake”. CEO apologizes

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It happened in September and caused oddities among the deputies. The announcement of the winners of the Consolidar program was scheduled for September 28, but a few days earlier, the first list was published on the Banco Português de Fomento website. When asked about this on Wednesday at the Committee on Economy, the Executive Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, Ana Carvalho, admitted that it was a mistake.

Consolidar program funding doubles to $500 million. Banco de Fomento published and then removed the list of approved candidates

The companies were informed of the decision on September 21 and given five days to comment, so the results could “never” be made public earlier. He explained what happened was that the PR team started checking “what should be published” on the website. So it was “an unfortunate oversight on the part of the public relations team,” so much so that the Bank even changed its mind based on the first list released, he justified. “I’m sorry, it was an oversight,” he repeated in response to questions from Carlos Guimarães Pinto, an MP from the Liberal Initiative who demanded a hearing.

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Source: Observador

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