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Pd primaries, online voting clashes. De Micheli: “Change the character of the party.” Boldrini: “It encourages participation.” Ricci: “Ridiculous Debate”

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While the party has collapsed in the polls to an all-time low of 14%, there is an open clash in the House of Democrat al Nazareno over the rules of Congress. So much so that the national direction was postponed twice, last evening at 19:00. The node stays the same online votingwhat do they click on Ellie Schlein and his supporters, while remaining against Stefano Bonacchini And Paul DeMicheli.
As a result, hours of negotiations and contacts between the Sherpas of different candidates were not enough, the point of mediation was never found. This could be achieved by allowing voters living in areas where it is difficult to organize polling stations, such as inland areas or mountain centers, to vote via the Internet in the primaries, people who cannot go to gazebos for health reasons. and for those who may try other grounds for obstructing an in-person vote. But the Directorate postponed tonight will be crucial to avoid another rupture, as the party risks disappearing and the polls plummeting.
Faced with the persistence of Schlein and his field, the Bonacchini committee warned: “Le congressional rules have already been changed to allow those who were not from the Democratic Party (i.e. Schlein, ed.) visit. The only guess that can be to split the party, to change them again during the congress would be annoying“. De Micheli also follows: “I against Internet voting and I remain against it. Tonight, if there is a vote, I will vote against. Its introduction forty days after the voting means change the nature of the Democratic Party if you want to change the nature of the Democratic Party, you do so after the convention by voting and debating with our members. Confrontation and voting is great. We are the Democratic Party, we vote,” he explained.
While Schlein remains silent, postponing the Directorate’s comments until the end, among his supporters there are such as Laura Boldrini, explains: “The rules have already changed another time, they are not against someone, but for encourage participation.” As well as Marco Furfaro he explains: “Do the polls say the Democratic Party is at its peak? Don’t the voters and members understand us? Currently they are negativebut no risk of splitting, nor the disappearance of the Democratic Party.” Who warns of the danger that discussion of the rules could end in losing even more votes and consensus is Matteo Ricci: “Discussion bordering on ridiculous, close as soon as possible and let the primaries pass. IS an absurd argument that no one is interested in and it bored even the most devoted fighters. The direction shift is wrong, it’s a bad sign. Actually shut down because I can’t take it anymore.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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