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The “alternative” joke, the red carpet for Tom Hanks and the introduction of life with Diana. Harry’s interview on The Late Show

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Harry was featured on The Stephen Colbert Show on Tuesday evening, January 10th.

Harry was featured on The Stephen Colbert Show on Tuesday evening, January 10th.

And here comes the third interview: after speaking with Tom Bradby on UK station iVT and Anderson Cooper on NBC’s 60 Minutes in the US, Prince Harry dropped in on The Late Show and sat on Stephen Colbert’s couch to talk about more than “On the sombre”, an autobiographical book that appeared in bookstores on Tuesday, January 10, but also about the impact of all the press leaks that preceded this moment.

Once again, the conversation turned to the mother of the Duke of Sussex Diana in Afghanistan and, of course, the persecution and persecution by the British press. Despite the serious topics, there was a noticeable difference in the tone of the conversation, here lighter and with more use of humor given the nature of the conversation. talk show from Colbert.

“I went to the North Pole and froze my South Pole.” 65 Harry Memories We Learned (And It Could Have Been In The Shadows)

So much so that as soon as he sat down, the Duke of Sussex joked about having an empty chair next to him, asking if he was a substitute (“spare”), alluding to the original title of the book – without forgetting the fact that going to the “North Pole and burning his South Pole”, now referring to the fact that he burned his penis, one of the many aspects revealed in the book.

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On a more serious note, he explained that writing the autobiography was a “cathartic experience”, again citing it as his “side of the story”, adding that there are a lot of things in the book that “probably make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and scared” .

Harry says he did not brag about his death in Afghanistan: “My words are not dangerous, but the distortion of my words is dangerous.”

Prince admitted that the last few days have been “painful and difficult” due to “the inability to do anything about the leaks” of his book’s content. But he said that “without a doubt,” the “lie told” was that he allegedly boasted about the number of people he had killed in Afghanistan. The prince said that if he saw someone boasting about something like that, he would be angry that the information spread was a lie and that now that the book is available, people might know the context. “My words are not dangerous, but the distortion of my words is dangerous.”

Harry also admitted to being on a “digital diet”: he worries about what he puts in his mouth and what he puts in front of his eyes, and as a result, his life is “much better.” At this point, he drew applause from the audience.

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Asked about the media attention on the British monarchy, Harry explained that for 12 months during the period of detention, he and Meghan were out of the spotlight and that despite this, interest in his family has not faded. This was a “revelation” for the prince, who thought that by leaving his country he would achieve “some kind of peace.” “But I realized that our very existence outside of that institutional control was more threatening and similar to what happened to my mother.”.

Regarding William’s alleged physical assault on Harry – told in the book but made public earlier as one of the leaks – Colbert asks the Prince how the then Princess of Wales would intervene. “We would not have come to this point,” said the Duke of Sussex. “We can’t know where we would be now, where this relationship would be now, but the distance between my brother and me cannot be the same,” he said, adding that now he feels closer to his mother than now. he has for the last 30 years.

Red carpet and trumpets for Tom Hanks, not Harry

Tom Hanks was also Stephen Colbert’s guest on the Tuesday show and took part in a short video playing with the royal guest. In a short segment, lasting only about 30 seconds, you can see the backstage of the studio, in which the red carpet was rolled out and where the host and two men with pipes were waiting for the arrival of the guest. Harry came first, thinking the reception would be for him… but it turned out that for Tom Hanks, who appeared later.

Book In the shadow (spare) was released on Tuesday, and publisher Penguin Random House said it sold 400,000 copies of hardcover books, audiobooks and e-books in the UK on the first day alone. Two days before the book hits bookstores, the prince gave two interviews, one on UK iTV and another on CBS North America’s 60 Minutes. The latter would reach its best ever audience of 11.2 million viewers.

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