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weapons to Ukraine, Gasparri warns his majority: “There is a supply problem. Italy is the protagonist of the hope for peace.”

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“There Let’s hope the war ends but to stop this, a political initiative is needed. Governments led by Berlusconi knew how to engage in dialogue with Putin and Bush, with Gaddafi and with the European Union.” Thus, Forza Italia senator Maurizio Gasparri, speaking at the Palazzo Madama by decree of Ukraine, at the same time declared his support for the “prolongation of interventions”, including the sending of weapons to Kyiv. The senator, emphasizing that it is necessary to resume “active solidarity” with the Ukrainian people, speaks of peace and hopes that Italy will become the main actor in the mediation process.

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There are, he continues, “some questions” to which “attention” should be drawn: “There are problem with shares in the Western world,” he explained in his speech to the Chamber, “which is somehow impoverished in order to support the Ukrainians, so Italy must also be careful.” Therefore, Forza Italia hopes that “along with military support, Italy will be the protagonist of the hope for peace.” “The conflict,” he continues, “is reflected in the costs of energy, gas, oil, raw materials, so, in addition to depriving Ukrainians of life and freedom, it affects our daily life.”

Gasparri’s example is, in fact, an example Berlusconi government which they were able to communicate with various politicians. For dialogue today, “the Western community and Italy need the ability to play a leading role” in order to “play an active role in the politics of dialogue”, which today is “impossible” because “you cannot have dialogue while missiles are bombarding the territory.” Ukrainian people”.

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Thus, he concludes, the hope is that “the Italian government will be able to identify in international forums the paths for dialogue and peace that in other seasons, Berlusconi-led governments have been able to impose at times of high tension.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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