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Pd primaries, still no agreement on online voting: management postponed to 19:00 Bonaccini: “Like Martians, split over the rules”

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The agreement was reached after long negotiations. The virtual consultation will only be open to those who cannot go to the polls, those who live in the hinterland and those who are away from home.

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After hours of tension and negotiations Democratic Party seems to have agreed Basic Rules. And, in particular, about the management of online voting, which, barring surprises, should be reserved for a small audience (those who live in the hinterland, outside the polls, and those who cannot go to the polls). It is about the possibility of self-expression through the network proposed by the candidate for the secretariat Ellie Schlein, collisions of the last few hours have taken place. Also for this reason, the direction was originally scheduled for 12.30, it was moved to after 19:00 and is currently ongoing. During the day there were contacts and approaches to try to reach mediation.

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Those who have always opposed online voting have been Stefano BonacchiniA: The President of Emilia-Romagna, currently the favorite candidate for the secretariat, only during the day decided to open up for some mediation. Barring the possibility of giving advice to everyone over the Internet, he agreed that this should be limited to a few. And according to rumors, those wishing to vote online will have to subscribe to Application form ad hoc, on the dem platform, until February 12th. Those who explicitly opposed it were two other competitors: the former minister Paula DeMicheli and (to a lesser extent) former party chairman Gianni Cooperlo. In the afternoon, Bonacchini spoke on the sidelines of the CGIL congress in Modena and lashed out at the opponents of the delay: “If we break the rules, we risk being identified as Martians.. I would like us to start a discussion so that people vote for Pd again and participate.” The fact remains that after a full day of negotiations, the Sherpas of the four committees met again. at 8 on Tuesday and the morning did not help to break the impasse: hence the decision to postpone six and a half hoursto avoid public account which would be detrimental to the party’s image, which is already at an all-time low in the polls. One of the mediation hypotheses is to limit online voting only members of the Democratic Party (instead of letting everyone do it).

On Monday evening, a very blunt note from the Bonacchini committee appeared in the agencies: “The Charter of the Congress they have already been changed allow anyone who was not from the Democratic Party (i.e. Schlein, ed.) visit. The only hypothesis that the party could be split in order to change them again during the congress would be unsuccessful.” A counteroffensive soon followed with a curtain of sources in the Schlein area: “Online voting is a fact of identity that injects the idea of ​​a party, a party that we want to be broad and inclusive, that opens up to the outside. Because we must have fear of participation? No mediation De Micheli: “I am against online voting and remain against it. This evening if there is vote, I will vote against. Introducing it forty days after the vote means changing the nature of the Democratic Party. If you want to change the nature of the Democratic Party, you do it after the convention by voting and debating with our members. Confrontation and voting is great. We are the Democratic Party, we vote.” And when asked why Schlein insisted on this change, he replied: “There will be an assessment of some advantage of his candidacy, obviously the rules can affect, but you win by being in politics.”

At the height of the storm, at 12 o’clock in Nazareno, the leaders of the dem gathered for a memorial ceremony David Sassoli, former President of the European Parliament, who died a year ago. “David’s lesson is a lesson that applies to us in our daily quest to make our Democratic Party a truly Democratic party,” the outgoing secretary said. Enrico Letta. “The party that today leads the hard way of congressbut knowing that this path is a big responsibility for all of us. We must make this process work, work well, so that we are united to the end with the great participation of the people. And that we manage to ensure that we tell the outside world that democracy lives inside the party.” On the sidelines, the mayor of Pesaro spoke about the clash within the party Matthew Ricci: “Dispute about the rules all the things we don’t have to do if we want voters to come to us, it’s an absurd debate that nobody cares and it bored even the most devoted fighters. The direction shift is wrong, it’s a bad sign. Let’s hope it actually closes at 7:00 pm because I can not anymore“.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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