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San Siro, Sgarbi attacks Salvini: “Take care of building a bridge in Messina, it’s pointless to demolish the stadium”

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“That Salvini agrees with Salafor reasons I don’t understand, I think bad for him. You can never agree with Sala. So Salvini will take care of the construction of the Messina Bridge as well as the stadium in Messina. It would be perfect there.” So, Deputy Minister of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbianswers to Matthew Salvini and returns to the historical-relational relationship that would have prevented the demolition of the San Siro stadium. “It is true that Salvini is Deputy Prime Minister, but there is a strong opinion of two committees pointing to relational relationship about the history and memory of the monument. Memory is stronger than interest in a monument,” Sgarbi repeated on the sidelines of a press conference with a candidate for the presidency of the Lazio region. Francesco Rocca. “Then there is a fact that goes beyond Salvini and Sala, on this senseless plan to demolish the stadiumthat in 2026 there will be the Olympics in Milan and it is expected that the celebration will take place at the Meazza stadium. This means dragging out time and the fact that the new mayor of Milan will take the positions. Then the stadium will be 70 years old, with automatic limit for monuments. The fact that great presidents from Berlusconi to Moratti are opposed makes one wonder how logical this is,” concludes Sgarbi.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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