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Mattarella receives Iranian ambassador: “Condemnation and outrage at the repression and execution of protesters”

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“The respect with which Italy treats its international partners and their legal systems finds an insurmountable limit in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the Quirinal Palace said in a note after Mattarella received Mohammad Reza Sabour.

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“Stop Condemnation” and “personal indignation” about “brutal repression” from demonstrations and for death sentences many demonstrators. President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella received the new Iranian ambassador to Italy, Mohammad Reza Saburshort interview on Quirinal and expressed his disappointment with what is happening in the Islamic Republic in the months following the death Mahsa Amini.

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Mattarella, according to Colle, urged the ambassador to representIranian authorities the need to end immediately violence riots against the population. “The respect with which Italy treats international partners and to them sacraments find insurmountable limit in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the Quirinale said in a note after Mattarella received an Iranian diplomat for a presentation Credentials.

This is the lineexecutive and this has been repeatedly stated at the highest level. It’s amazing though frankness presidential words – promulgated with a note – and, above all, direct transmission feelings of indignation in first meeting with a new ambassador. As already mentioned, this is not the first time a head of state has spoken out against Iran’s crackdown on its own citizens who took to the streets in protest after the death of a young woman who wore the veil incorrectly. December 16Mattarella spoke of “recurring, cruelattempts to strangle youth voices peacefully demonstrating to ask Liberty and more space participation”, emphasizing that this behavior “should be strongly condemned”. He then emphasized: “A state that rejects kill your own children.

ReportsEuropean Union with Iran, they are minimal, but diplomacy decided not to completely close the door to Tehran. And there is a very good reason for this: while the international media reports on the protests women And young and brutal repression of the mullahs, experts – even from abroad – are watching nuclear dossier Iranian. All information about intelligence indicate the real mileage of Iran in the program uranium enrichment and specialized sites go so far as to suggest the creation of a nuclear bomb as soon as possible. Dramatic escalation, especially in Israel is watching closely.

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Foreign Secretary Antonio Tajani met with the Director General of the IAEA, Raphael Grossi, with whom he also exchanged information about the atomic energy of the Islamic country. Just a few days ago, Tajani confirmed how essential it is to have link open with Iranian institutions: “The door for dialogue on nuclear power remains open. So, non-aggressive stance. We asked, – explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs, – the country with which we have diplomatic relations, to answer some of our requests. For those sentenced to death, they are not dangerous. terrorists but the children who took part in the demonstration.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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