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Pd crisis, how to change so as not to die? Young Democrats are speaking. “We will not be trusted if the managers do not upgrade”

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Ilfatto.it heard from three leaders of young democrats, from Milan to Naples: “The voters gave us a message, but it was not understood. We needed suggestions to help those who can’t. Did we make them? , so we’re going to lose in the polls again”

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“We got lost for months in discussions uselesslike the one in the title. Someone suggested naming the Democratic PartyLabor Party’. Instead, we had to think about workers and in workers who are currently burning their savings to pay accounts”. Second Lorenzo Paciniregional secretary of the Young Democrats Pawnshopthis is also behind the collapse in polls his party, given 14% in the latest poll conducted swg for A7. After the defeat in recent politics, according to Pacini, “there was not enough courage and political ability take a step back immediately To read and its secretariat. What they couldn’t understand real people and their problems. Citizens have only one way to send a message to politics, and that is voting. If you don’t understand messageyou must explain to me that you are making politics.”

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From above, on the other hand, they didn’t come resignation instant. And as a result, there was no revivalpolitical action: “It was necessary to immediately begin to propose a leftist policy in defense of Class Mediumthat is, people who earn 1,500 euros a month and who are literally starving today,” Pacini continues, “We did it suggestions? No, so now we’ll go even further in polls, with a risk of reaching 12%”. According to the Lombard secretary of the youth component of the Democratic Party, without the resignation of top management, the congress dragged on for too long: “It was even dragged into the elections in Lombardy And Lazio, where the polls will close on February 13, just 6 days before the Pd. I find it absurd that you don’t stay a week or two at this point. We have half coincidence that instead of thinking about regional, think about congress, with all that it entails in terms of discussions and voting in circles. And the other half, which instead of thinking about the congress, thinks about regional. Catastrophe. The National Secretariat is no longer able to receive even one organizational decision trivial as it is.”

He agrees with the inappropriateness of holding the primaries so close to the regional ones. Ekaterina Cerroninational coordinator Young democratsfrom Molise from Agnone, who, however, does not consider that the congress was organized late: “It could have been done earlier if you did not want to go through compound phase. I, on the other hand, think that a serious discussion of the Pd system might make sense, discussion unfortunately faded into the background when there were nominations for secretariat. I hope that the founding path can continue after the election of a new secretary.” Cerroni has no doubt about the difficult moment that the Democratic Party is going through: “We talk a lot about framework interiorprimaries date, voting methods and some political platform which should distinguish the Democratic Party. Topics related to justice socialwork, health care, school and university should also be a subject of conflict between us, in order to then lead debate in the country. These days there’s a fair fight on spoils the system and the appointment of a new government, but this is not a priority for many people, with gasoline exceeding two euros per litre.”

Also for Cerroni the question of repair party leaders is important: “The fact that many are not trustworthy political proposals it also has to do with the ruling classes. Nowhere does it say that one generation younger might do better, but other numbers could certainly be more reliable, perhaps even continue political battles different. We have already tested this on politics against unreliability workingbased on the experience of the government in which we approved Jobs Law. And we also tested it for weakening democracybecause on the cut public funding parties, and in relation to parliamentarians, we were one of the determining forces that came to these measureswho by the way always saw me Young Democrats opposed to the party. There is a theme of different generational sensitivities and renewal, but in substance, not in terms of age.”

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Also in need of a major overhaul. Ilaria Espositoprovincial secretary of the Young Democrats Naples: “The Democratic Party is still seen as a party seeking status quo and has no idea what the needs and requirements are citizens. This is the party that can’t get rid of the image governmenthaving been in government for many years despite not winning a single election race nationwide. Needs to be completely broken immediately. schemes. It is hoped that at the congress stage answers will be given to young who today are a generation poorer than their grandparents.” But for Esposito, it’s not just a question. discrepancy generationbut also geographically: “The job offer is always lower in the south, and therefore many young people move north before worklearn”. What fights are needed? “Those who are for Work – the Neapolitan secretary answers – to fight poverty, not only economic, but also educational, for a more equal, just and inclusive country.” All the things that are busy for Pacini these days with candidate in the election race Lombardymust be brought to the people: “We must go to streetsin the markets and factories to get people to vote for us, especially those on the left who don’t vote anymore. A lot of them”. With clear ideas and concrete proposals: “For example, reducingregional personal income tax says the Lombard secretary. It can even cost 400 euros for those who have 28 thousand euros. Amount of income. Helping the middle class removed below this income threshold.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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