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Alexandra Reis Finance Appointments Just Published Two Weeks After Her Resignation (Now Outdated)

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The appointments of Alexandra Reis to the position of Secretary of State for the Treasury were published only this Wednesday in Diário da República, almost two weeks after she was fired from her position following the disclosure of the compensation received a few months earlier for her TAP materials. .

The nine nominees include Chief of Staff, Private Secretary, Technician, Administration and Driver. All these appointments become invalid with the fall of the Secretary of State. An official source in the Ministry of Finance clarifies that “under the terms of the law, nominees terminate their functions with the release from liability of the member of the Government who appointed them (paragraph b) of Art. 16 LL 11/2012)”.

The publication of these nominations a few days after the resignation of the finance minister is explained by the fact that these nominees have been in office for about a month “and should receive appropriate remuneration,” he adds.

Alexandra Reis took office on Dec. 2 as part of a group of six secretaries of state in what was classified as a mini-reshuffle in government, prompted primarily by the resignation of former Assistant Secretary of State to the Prime Minister Miguel Alves, who was replaced by António Mendonza Mendez, who handled tax affairs .

Mini repair. Mendonza Mendez becomes António Costa’s right hand

Most of the nine appointed by Alexandra Reis, who are now losing their positions, are employees of the Ministry of Finance with experience in various departments. The Chief of Staff is the Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Only the private secretary came from the private sector, before taking this position she was the executive secretary of the board of directors of the private school of St. Julian’s in Carcavelos.

Source: Observador

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