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Primaries Pd, after the postponement, we hardly agree to the rules: online voting is possible only in some cases

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The agreement was reached after lengthy negotiations: the virtual consultation will be open to the elderly, people with disabilities, those who live in hard-to-reach areas and abroad. The regulations were approved with 1 vote against and 9 abstentions. Paola De Micheli did not participate in the voting. Letta is “happy”: “But we managed to hurt ourselves in the plot”

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After arm wrestling lasted for days, Pd find very difficult synthesis about the rules for primariesThat will take place February 26 from 8 to 20. And in particular on management online voting which will be reserved for one small audience. Will be able to vote without entering the gazebo who lives abroadI disabled And sick people who “self-assert these conditions”, people “living in settlements, the remoteness of which from polling stations makes voting particularly difficult”. It is about the possibility of self-expression through the network proposed by the candidate for the secretariat Ellie Schlein, the clashes of recent days have taken place. It also continued until the hours immediately preceding the decisive assembly and vote, in which the former minister Paula DeMicheli – among the figures running for the leadership of the party – decided not to participate, judging by the Internet voting “one compulsion in method and merit.” Because of these frictions directionoriginally scheduled for 12, was moved to after 19. Then shortly before 20:30statement of position With 1 vote against And 9 abstainedincluding Enza Bruno Bossio And Leah Quartapel.

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It took all day to get to one synthesis what he saw Enrico Letta busy trying to avoid tears. And that hypothesis was not all that far removed after Tuesday’s toughness at the Sherpa table of the four secretariat candidates, which resurfaced in a new round of consultations this morning. So many to opt for deferral control. “It’s a lot pleased And consoled following a vote by the Board. The best possible drop point given the conditions,” says di Letta dal Nazareno. “We are a community of women and men,” said the Secretary in a report to the Board, “who live deep emotions. You all made an effort to overcome difficulty. This gives me hope that we can do it. Only by uniting can we fight for the Democratic Party and for the country.” Then he added: “We avoided harmful splits. Now let’s focus on what Congress is. compound phase they can give for our raise. I see mutual respect between the candidates, let’s appreciate it.” But then he pointed out: “If everyone says only what does not suit him, then he becomes one unbearable cacophony. I had to work with one. difficult status apply. We solved the excesses. Also on content we succeeded hurt us in outer storytelling. The discussion is intense and very strong, but for many of us it was told in a trivial way.”

Satisfaction with the web vote was expressed by Schlein, who spoke of “Democratic victory” why’ break participation wall in the online primaries, it is important to determine the profile of a single party, contemporary and inclusive.” “Very satisfied” also in the committee Stefano Bonacchini, who has always opposed online voting open to all, because “it would be crazy to split” the party, and “today we did everything to avoid this, with a great sense of responsibility.” Therefore, they identified it as “very important” that management “confirmed that primary voting will take place in the gazebos. We solid party and rooted, communityNot alone virtual platform. Other and rather limited voting options are provided to meet the needs right needs of those who would have obvious difficulties with access to the pavilions. On the other hand, De Micheli’s position is tough: “I did not participate in the vote, because I think that the application is like that. extended online voting for the primaries with a stretch in the method, given that there are not enough of them only 40 days in the primaries, and on the merits, since the possible transformation of the Democratic Party into a party is also digital need one discussion and solution subscribers to the Democratic Party. After this break of a few hours, I return to work. opposition and tour Italy to explain your ideas for Workecological transition e healthcare as I have been doing every day these months.” While Gianni Cuperlo commented: “We have approved the regulations. Now withwe disturb the party And done the most!

At the height of the storm, at 12 o’clock in Nazareno, the leaders of the dem gathered for a memorial ceremony David Sassoli, former President of the European Parliament, who died a year ago. “David’s lesson is a lesson that applies to us in our daily quest to make our Democratic Party a truly Democratic party,” the outgoing secretary said. Enrico Letta. “The party that today leads congress program difficult, but knowing that this path is a great responsibility for all of us. We must make this process work, work well, so that we are united to the end with the great participation of the people. And that we manage to ensure that we tell the outside world that democracy lives inside the party.” On the sidelines, the mayor of Pesaro spoke about the clash within the party Matthew Ricci: “Debating the rules is all we shouldn’t do if we want voters to come to us, it’s an absurd debate that nobody cares and it bored even the most devoted fighters.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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