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The Democratic Party reaches a compromise on online voting in the primaries. Nardella: “It’s absurd to divide according to the rules.” But De Micheli does not vote: “Fast and the Furious”

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After internal clashes that lasted several days and were repeatedly postponed by the party leadership, Pd at least avoided a split due to Congresstrying to reach a compromise on regulation primarieswhich will be held on February 26 from 8 to 20. Square Schlein insisted on expanding participation with online votingdespite opposition Stefano Bonacchini and Paola De Micheli, and, in the end, this modality will be allowed only in some specific cases: those who live abroad, the disabled and the sick, who “state these conditions on their own”, and finally, people “living in settlements whose remoteness from the electoral polling stations makes it particularly difficult to vote.” Now, those who want to vote electronically “will have to register on the relevant platform by February 12 and identify themselves with an identity document, or IID,” the approved regulation says.

The division according to the rules would be absurd, the unity of the party in the first place, like the Congress, which is now talking about the content, ”explained the mayor of Florence. Dario Nardella, Coordinator of the Bonacchini Committee. While Francesco Bocciawho coordinates the campaign of the main rival, Ellie Schleindefended: “Self-Referential Debate”? When one decides that there is no need for rules, but when there are many, general rules are needed. Now the campaign starts tomorrow, I’m sure the Democratic Party will come out wider and more united.”

On the other hand, the decision to partially open online voting did not convince the other candidate. Paola DeMicheli, which did not vote: “Coercion in method and virtues. This is a vague attitude and a sign of weakness, and clarity is a value,” he attacked. In the end, however, the regulation was approved by one vote against and 9 abstentions, including Enza Bruno Bossio and Lia Quartapel.

In his speech, the same outgoing secretary Enrico Letta he warned the party, calling the debates of the last few hours in the Nazarene “a cacophony”: “Now we are discussing topics and issues of content that interest Italians, we are hurting ourselves,” he warned, referring to the work of the opposition. for internal confrontation. In particular, on excises, “we had the opportunity to score in an empty net, but we did not,” he explained. deputy Joseph Provenzano he added at the end of the Directorate, “Now let’s move from ‘how’ to ‘why vote’ to build a new Democratic Party and create an alternative to that right.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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