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Cartabia Reform, De Rajo: “Thefts and confiscations by complaint? The abolition of these rules is not justicism, but a guarantee of the safety of citizens.”

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“Fratelli d’Italia has always talked about security, while here we are confronted with crimes such as theft, kidnapping, private violence, which can only be prosecuted.” Federico Cafierro De RaoMP M5S, comments on the case raised daily fact on the specific consequences of the introduction of the Cartabia reform. Thus, he explains, “if a mafia kidnapper kidnaps a citizen, even if this is the result of an investigation, it will no longer be possible to bring the mafia to justice without a lawsuit.” “We need a new legal provision to repeal this rule,” says the former national anti-mafia prosecutor. “Here there is no mention of “judicial”Yes having dealt with From justiceit is a matter of ensuring the safety of citizens,” he continues.

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That the introduction of crimes that can no longer be prosecuted without trial is necessary to satisfy European requests related to the NPP, including by reducing the number of ongoing trials, is for De Rajo “absolutely unacceptable justification.” “The Pnrr wants protection, a guarantee, instead closing processes means no guarantee of fairness,” he explains again to Fattoquotidiano.it. The intimidating power of not committing crimes is gone, and we are moving in a direction that encourages committing crimes.”

De Rajo also disputes the new life sentence rules “more mafia-friendly” and emphasizes that with the announced reduction in listening, with the new procurement code and the anti-corruption retreat, “mafia, corruption, tax evasion and security are not given to citizens, but access is made to those who commit crimes.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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