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Excise, Santanche: “Even in the majority there are unprepared exhibitors. I tell them and the papers to learn. gas stations? There is some smart

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“Unfortunately, even in our majority there are exhibitors who do not study carefully study the material before they can express themselves. I, on the other hand, am very careful about understanding and learning things. This whole narrative about the high cost of gasoline is not justified by anything. There is a campaign against the government who may also be part of the opposition, but which they have joined major newspapers, television, radio. But learn. You must explain to me why you are running this campaign.” So the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanche responds to handler 24 Morning (Radio24), Simona Spetiawho asks her about the chaotic situation with expensive gasoline.

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Santanche begins: “I would like to remind you that Colonel Monti government in 2012 the price of gasoline was 1.80. FROM renzi government, in March 2014 – 1.80. The day before yesterday it was 1,812. FROM Draghi governmentwhich also lowered excises, on June 27 last year, the average price of gasoline was 2.73 (actually 2.073). ed.), and on July 18 – 1.988. We have made a political choice, and I am saying this because our vision provides for it. structural abolition of excisesbut for this we must make the country grow.”

Then the minister says gas station protest: “I’m sorry they’re on strike. Most of them are fine, but as always, there are tricky ones. I don’t understand what is wrong with our solution. We just said that in addition to the price of your gas station, for transparency, you should show the average daily price, not the weekly price. But sorry,” he continues, “this is a matter of transparency. I don’t know who is against transparency. I repeat, I am very sorry for this attitude of the strike. Are Salvini and other representatives of the “Brothers of Italy” calling for speculation? I don’t understand. Most of us don’t have tension. We decide together and proudly announce our choice.”

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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