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Sicily, Schifani stops the exhibition at the Cannes Film Festival: a loan of 5.75 million euros has been withdrawn. And the financiers go to the branch

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The President of the Region cancels the appointment of Patrick Nassoni from Luxembourg to Absolute blue. In fact, two investigations are currently underway, one by the Court of Accounts and the other by the European Prosecutor’s Office: the appointment of the Department of Tourism, headed by Fratelli d’Italia, actually took place with access to European funding.

Back all over Gangnam. Sicilian governor Renato Schifaniasked to cancel the act of guardianship on EUR 5,750,000 society Absolute blue From Patrick Nasonbased in Luxembourgorganization of the Sicilian event at the 76th edition Cannes Film Festival. Direct note to tourism advisor Francis Scarpinato (FDI) afterinspection check fromAttorney General region: foster family without warning the race failed. This is the result of internal investigations at the premises of the Department of Tourism on Via Notarbartolo in Palermo. Financial Guard.

In fact, two investigations are currently underway, one of Accounts Chamber and another one from European prosecutor: entrustment happened with access to European funding. A real hot issue for Shifani, who said from the first press reports that he was in the dark about everything. Neither the president nor the junta knew anything about this direct order. Expenses for an event that cost in the previous year 2.2 million eurosassigned to the same company, with an increase for the next year, therefore, by one and a half million. Of these, 331 thousand euros for filming Sicily, women and cinemataken by photographer moss, stage name of Patrick Nasson, owner of Absolute Blue. A controversial photographer, given the controversy that flared up around him in 2019, when he was accused of “white savior”white savior, after a series of photographs taken in the village Cameroonwhere a white model dressed as a gala posed among black children.

Only a provocation, as Mocha, born Nasson, who received funding for filming from the Sicilian region, defended himself at the time: 156 thousand euros for “labor”, 102,208 for “relative labor costs”, 26,804 for “filming locations”, 2 913. for “miscellaneous”, 23,056 for agency fees, “agency fees”. Only part of the total, which, after the controversy, prompted Schifani to take over the management of communications and to ask for the repeal of the decree appointing Councilor Scarpinato, who left for Cannes from 5 to 7 December on a mission. . L’cannes case so the first cracks appeared in the seal majority government: The Department of Tourism, in fact, urged Brothers of Italy that in order to get it, he wanted to impose his hand on the new president, asking him to hand it over to Scarpinato, a member of the Palermo city council, very close to the president’s brother-in-law. Georgia Melonias well as the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida.

A demand that led to a long stalemate in the formation of a regional government as it went beyond the rules set by Shifani himself, who moreover only wanted elected members in regional elections. It wasn’t like that. After a long arm wrestling the president finally succumbed to Roman pressure from FDI. But it is precisely from the fruits of those pressure the first great controversy came to the former President of the Senate, who, for his part, did not hesitate to distance himself from the situation at the first news in the press. But Shifani’s request for a recall is only the latest part of a story that promises developments. Under the lens of the Guardia di Finanza is not only the task for the Cannes event, but also all the expenses of the Department of Tourism, which in recent years, that is, since it was managed by the FDI – before Scarpinato was Manlius Messinanow deputy head of the FDI team at the Chamber – distributed a large amount of funding.

Between them 10 800 000 to film production and television, spending that more than tripled from the previous year, when 3 million euros were allocated. A strong push to Sicily as a backdrop for films and series also wanted by the director Film Commission of SicilyNicola Tarantino, a former financier who later joined the Region, where he now seems to have become a super official, as he also sits at the helm ditchFoundation of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, which includes Special Commissioner. Another hot front for Shifani: Literally in recent days, labor unions have asked Shifani to resign Commissioner Foss, Superintendent and Artistic Director following workers’ protests.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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