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Regional elections, Peter Gomez interviews candidates from Lazio and Lombardy. It starts on Friday, January 13th with Alessio D’Amato.

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Six live interviews for six candidates: the director of ilfattoquotidiano.it will hold a dialogue with Attilio Fontana, Francesco Rocca, Alessio D’Amato, Donatella Bianchi, Pierfrancesco Majorino and Letizia Moratti. First meeting Friday, January 13 at 4:00 pm.

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February 12 and 13 we vote to update the regional councils Lazio And Lombardy. Two campaign appointments that smack of a real test for Meloni’s government, just over 100 days after being sworn in on October 22. To Lazio centre-right runs along and builds Francesco Rocca; in Lombardy Northern League Attilio Fontana he is running for reappointment, orphaned by his deputy Letitia Morattiwhich in turn occupied the field supported by third pole Renzi and Kalenda. Third Pole to sign an agreement with the Democratic Party in Lazio and support the outgoing commissioner Alessio D’Amato. The Democratic Party in Lombardy made a different choice and joined the 5 Star Movement in supporting the candidacy Pierfrancesco Majorino. Pentastellati in Lazio instead decided to try a solo adventure with Donatella Bianchi after the government experience of the Zingaretti junta.

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To explore the themes, ideas and visions of each candidate, Peter Gomezwith the support of colleagues from the Milan and Rome editorial offices, will interview six applicants, each of which will be dedicated to a live broadcast that will be broadcast on the Fatto website and social networks.

We will depart on Friday 13th January at 16:00 with Alessio D’Amato. On Monday, January 16, again at 16:00 it will be Pierfrancesco Majorino’s turn. Follow us on the website, on YouTube and on Facebook to stay up to date with upcoming events.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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