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Lite Castelli (Fdi)-Caprarica in La7: “Too many bonuses in the past.” “You promised the kingdom of buns, and now you realized that you have no money”

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Acute controversy The wind that blows (A7) between senator Brothers of Italy, Guido Castelliand reporter Antonio Caprica on the issue of excises and political choice Meloni government.
The parliamentarian attacks the executive branch headed by Mario Draghi: “We have two years behind us in which Italy’s public debt 230 billion. and in which was propensity for bonuses and donations. The most important man in Europe has increased the debt. He will also be called Draghi, but he convinced the public that there is an unlimited possibility of intervention.
Caprarika rises: “Please show a little respect for the truth. Of course, over the years of the pandemic and the war, the debt has increased, but, nothing but bonuses, the opposition asked to break through all accounts. But be sincere and honest with yourself. I am very glad that getting into the government has finally introduced you to reality.”

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“Don’t leave reality,” Castelli replies. “We’ve always been there in reality.”
“I don’t think so,” Caprarika replies, “because until recently, nothing but bonuses, you you asked for money to bring down the rain on everyone. Now you have discovered that money is worth money when it is loaned to you.“.
Further, the journalist comments on the words of the Prime Minister of Georgia Meloni, who, in a video published on social networks, denied that he promised to reduce excises during the election campaign, but it was the official program of the “Brothers of Italy” that denied: “Unfortunately, this is a problem of the democratic system. The British call it accountability, that is, you are called to answer for the promises you made. It’s not that you can campaign by promising bun kingdom and then when you get into the government, you realize that you have no money.”

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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