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Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company was confused with the company of Reggio Emilia: government oversight in response to a question

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The misunderstanding, probably caused by a hasty online consultation, came to light during a discussion in the Labor Commission in the Chamber, where Pd deputy Emiliano Fossi requested information on the future of the Milan office of the multinational corporation: in the written response, there is a conversation of Meta’s phantom “production unit” on Via Oberdan in Reggio Emilia

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To the question about “Half” – the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – the government responds by talking about “Meta system“, a company specialized in the research, development and production of electronic systems, based in via Oberdan 16 to Reggio Emilia. Which clearly has nothing to do with social media. The misunderstanding told Reggio Gazette and probably prompted by a hasty online consultation, revealed during a discussion in Labor Commission in Roomwhere MP Emiliano Fossi requested information about the future of the Milan office of Meta (Mark Zuckerberg): “A letter to workers in early November announced the 13 percent reduction more than 11 thousand employees. Although the majority of Meta’s employees are located in the United States, there are also national offices in Italy. According to what appears in the media Italian headquarters in Milan will affect 22 layoffs out of 127 employees … and it is not yet clear what will happen to employees after the end of the collective dismissal procedure, ”the deputy wrote.

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And then, to the great surprise of the questioner, a phantom “production unit» a multinational company in Via Oberdan in Reggio Emilia, about which the government is talking about «statement of agreement”, in which “the intervention of the emergency reserve fund is required for a maximum number of 41 employees”, and the company “undertakes to move to production units located in Reggio Emilia employees who will not be able to join the layoff plan. At present,” the document continues, “on the other hand, no such initiatives have been reported for the Milan office, and the Milan labor inspectorate has not reported any previous inspections against Meta.” And concludes: “The Ministry of Enterprise and Production in Italy indicated that ministerial table not activated in which the headquarters of the multinational Meta participates, declaring itself available for evaluation of initiatives aimed at protecting the company’s operations and protecting the employment perimeter.

“In response to my question, the government has confused Facebook’s parent company, Meta, with a Reggio Emilian company, Meta System. With … the purpose of this government is in trouble: it never reaches the goal. Against, always achieves the wrong thing. As with gasoline: Meloni wanted to reduce its cost, I don’t think it happened that way. They screwed up this time, too,” MP Fossey commented on Facebook.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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